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Scorpio Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Both Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio now. Hermes, the messenger (Mercury), sending information to humanity via the rays of the Sun. It’s a Scorpionic message, concerning Scorpio’s Nine Tests,

Cover Story

Haunted Hill House: Beattie Mansion one of St. Joe’s ‘most active’Haunted Hill House:

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a duet of stories about haunted locations in Missouri which tourism spokeswoman Nicole Schulenberg promises are abundant. You can find a whole list


JBU seeks humanity in ‘creepy, kooky’ ‘Addams Family Musical’ Oct. 27

“Wednesday Addams is so iconic and yet strangely nuanced — especially in this show,” says Madison Cartmill, who portrays the character this Halloween season at John Brown University. “She’s 18


NWA Ballet Theatre brings multimedia horror story ‘Dracula’ to Eureka Springs, Springdale

For decades after Bram Stoker’s alleged fascination with an actor inspired the monster Dracula, the character itself has been reimagined time and again for the screen and stage. However, after


This list of haunted houses will keep fear fans screaming ‘til Halloween

This list of haunted houses will keep fear fans screaming ‘til Halloween! Banshee Manor Haunted Attraction — 7 p.m. Oct. 27-31, “no scare night” Oct. 30, inside Lokomotion at 4520

Family Friendly

Kay Rodgers Park transforms into prehistoric jungle for a Dinosaur Adventure

Some kids want to see baby dinosaurs. Some kids want to see dinosaurs as that are big as a school bus. And some kids want to ride a T-Rex. During

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Oct. 26 (Thursday) Motion Is Lotion — Movement that soothes, 10 a.m., Fayetteville Public Library. Free. Artist Demo — Wren of Talisman Hall, 10:30 a.m., Terra Studios in Durham.


LIVE! Music: Willi Carlisle drops new song, Soccer Mommy comes to Bentonville and Pop Evil haunts the River Valley

“If we allow ourselves to sing together, there’s a release of sadness, maybe even a communal one,” says Willi Carlisle. “And so for me personally, singing — like the literal

Male Call

Elegance beyond ordinary: Decoding European style for business success

Q. I have a business trip to Italy coming up (during which time I will also be meeting friends of my wife’s family). She insists that I need to dress