Solar Eclipse at the Libra New Moon

Solar Eclipse at the Libra New Moon

The annual solar eclipse (partial solar eclipse) occurs this Saturday, October 14, at the Libra new moon. The eclipse (Moon .907 % covering the Sun). We will be able to see a “ring of fire” around the moon. This will be the outer surface of the Sun peeking through! The eclipse will be 214 minutes long and in the United Statea it will be overhead in specific areas of Oregon, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico, the Yucatan, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Brazil.

Solar eclipses inform humanity something essential has come to an end. Making room for something newer and more vital to manifest. In a solar eclipse, the moon (matter) is blocking the essential light of the Sun. Therefore, “as above in the heavens, so below on Earth”, something essential within our lives and all of life on earth becomes hidden and then it simply falls away.

Eclipse times make the changes that are occurring very apparent. If we look around in our personal lives (in our towns, cities, communities with friends and family, the world) we can clearly see what is changing, transforming, reorienting, disappearing and falling away. As we assess this phenomenon, and adapt to it, there can be much suffering and sorrow. Eventually we will come to a state of gratitude for that which has disappeared also allowed for new doors to open, new realities to be experienced. It may take several months for this to be understood.

With eclipses, something has completed itself, its original purpose accomplished. To apply this practically, for those with astrology charts, we locate 21 degrees Libra (and Aries) in our charts. This is the area of life where something has ended. On the other side, matters, that quietly existed only in the shadows, appear! Eclipses show us where something no longer needed as well as how and where our life will grow and expand.

The solar eclipse on Saturday, October 14, will be visible to those along a narrow path sweeping over North and South America. At mid-eclipse, those along that eclipse path will see the sun in a ring around the moon. Those outside the shadow path will see a partial solar eclipse. Following this solar eclipse, in two weeks, at the Scorpio solar festival (new moon), October 28, we will have a lunar eclipse (5 degrees Taurus/Scorpio). Note: be sure to wear safe solar viewing glasses (not sunglasses but “eclipse glasses”) when viewing eclipses.

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ARIES: You think about marriage, partnerships and friendships. You attempt to express yourself in new ways as you interact with others and especially in relationships. This is in order to bring forth harmony, reconcile differences and allow for love, goodwill and understanding to arise. You can empower others to feel good about themselves. They in turn will love you more. Refrain from projecting any shadows upon others. Allow everyone to be open, limitless and free!

TAURUS: Tending to health is most important. Perhaps a warm pool of water somewhere to swim in daily. Call this forth, mention it daily, visualize it. Soon it will gradually appear. One must keep body, emotions, mind and Soul in complete alignment – poised, quiet and calm. This physical, spiritual and psychological order will allow you to meet the many continuing demands on your time. The world needs saving. That is part of your illumined task. So healing is important for you at this time.

GEMINI: You need enjoyment and playfulness as this eclipse time. The ring of fire illumines and enlivens pleasure, creativity, spontaneity, the arts, children and, above all, having fun. You also need a few parties. This last you must do! It’s important to feel joyful. You also need an adventure that’s not too risky. Questions. What/who is your muse? What is your creativity? What do you enjoy? Where is your heart?

CANCER: It’s time to create the type of home you hope for, envision and actually need. The old ways of living are no longer workable. There’s also need for greater security, comfort and beauty. Perhaps a new couch, windows, floors, or uncovering buried treasure. Perhaps family relationships need emotional support, more loving kindness. Notice a gathering of past life gifts. To be used in this lifetime to serve your daily livingness.

LEO: An expansion of thinking beyond what you’ve known before begins. A new mind is being built with new truths. Beliefs are changing as old beliefs find no new ground in which to prosper. New information, revelations, appear in your mind. Everything becomes a surprise when you step outside of the known. Thoughts are shaken up, perceptions shift, a new world appears. It will take three months to be integrated. You will travel to the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things.

VIRGO: It’s important during this eclipse to recognize, assess and review what your values are. It is a time to assess finances, spirituality, religion, children, communication, security and things psychological. That is a long list. It’s important too, to be generous. Giving allows us to have a sense of pride that we have helped others. The spiritual law concerning tithing and giving is this – all that is given with love is returned ten-fold. Love is returned, too!

LIBRA: The eclipse creates a paradox. You are to recognize and develop the self, the “I am”. The focus it to be on a deeper level of self-care so self-knowledge is revealed. There needs to be self-recognition, a developing sense of self-esteem and a realization of strength and courage. Self-knowledge, self-confidence and creative self-expression, too. All of these are important for your growth. You are to know yourself as essentially perfect. A new being emerging in the world. Independent and free.

SCORPIO: You have entered into a time of mystery, when things behind the veils begin to appear. The result is inner changes occur to be recognized and seen later in the year. A deep psychological development is taking place. Spiritual presences can be felt when in nature, deep in forests, on walks, in warm waters, during early mornings and at sunset. Something secret reveals itself. Expect revelations, dreams and voices in the wind. Offering direction.

SAGITTARIUS: The eclipse calls you to consider what future goals are yet to be achieved. Hopes, wishes and dreams appear and they include kindly and trusting interactions with friends, intimates, and social groups. It is important that friends be like-minded and recognize your sense of justice and authenticity. You feel a great love offered and it washes any perceived wounds from early childhood. Life heals you and becomes your bright and spacious playground.

CAPRICORN: Career, public image, vocation, ambition – all are highlighted at the eclipse time. You attempt to bring forth and include the Soul in your professional life. Because the Soul makes work that is meaningful. The Soul prepares a special place for each of us in the world. The eclipse touches and illuminates your essential being. You begin to express yourself differently. Unmasked, this is the person you truly are. No matter what occurs, you are protected.

AQUARIUS: It’s important to review what your communication needs are, your intellectual and emotional needs, even the needs you have about your neighborhood. What are you learning these days, what do you believe about our country and our world? New ways of thinking may be imperative to move forward. You are responsible for instructing humanity about the world at large. What do you know about the present crisis? Always offer information to others with tolerance and loving kindness.

PISCES: Things, people, yourself –all seem to be in a state of transformation, at times separation. So an intimacy becomes important in daily life in order for everyone to reconnect. Observing others quietly and discreetly, you’re able to sense and understand their deep hidden psychological needs. You speak words to everyone that helps to create safety, security and calmness in their world. Little deaths occur. Not physical, but little endings of things. You understand, are aware and are deeply grateful for your wisdom.

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