Libra, Crisis of Balance, Choice & Legislation (Law)

Libra, Crisis of Balance, Choice & Legislation (Law)

We are in our last days of Libra. Soon, Scorpio Sun begins (Monday, Oct. 23) along with the Nine Tests of Mars. Before the sign of Libra formally ends for the year, I wanted to explain a bit about Libra as one of the signs of Crisis. Libra brings forth the Crisis of Choice, Balance and the Law. We are under the Light of Libra now for the month. But Libra also comes in when the Ages change (occurring now – from Pisces to Aquarius). As the Ages change everything turns upside down, including all laws. The crisis of Libra provides humanity with tests which we are presently undergoing. When we understand this, we can view our collective experiences in the world with spiritual intelligence. We can then choose intelligent thinking and actions.

Libra presents humanity with the Crisis of Balance. This means, we are given two polarities, and from them we must make a choice between the two. They are two opposing forces – representing the old ways and beliefs and the new uncharted ways of knowledge. One force must be surrendered to the other (for example – personality surrendered to the Soul or vice versa). It is this Libra need to choose that leads humanity to the crisis, moving us from a state of chaos to a state of self-direction, equilibrium and balance. The Libra meditative see thoughts are, “Let choice be made.” And, “I choose the Way which leads between two great lines of force.”

Humanity, through life experiences learns about choice. There is such tension always with Libra – a choice between two realities until right judgment and the proper use of Love are cultivated.

What is this “way between two lines of force?” It is the path that “requires the development of values (Venus) and the power to think clearly ‘til the Truth is seen. Truth leads to Pure Love and Pure Reason (Intuitive qualities). This leads to alignment with the Will-to-Good When we align with the Will-to-Good (which becomes Goodwill in humanity), Right Choice is always made.

It is very subtle. Humanity is presently experiencing a great reorienting world crisis focused economically. We are struggling in this crisis to know the truth, to come to awareness, to shape a more peaceful world, effect choice and undertake monumental tasks that lead to a new evolutionary attainment and a triumphant (Scorpio, the sign after Libra) achievement. Humanity (we) determines the outcome through our choices now.

ARIES: Thoughts during Libra always turn toward relationships – how they serve, free or restrict, tend and care for you, along with your expectations. It is important to consider how you serve others in relationships. Do you? Perhaps how you were tended and nurtured as a child is mirrored in relationships. Or maybe you don’t remember. Choose now, with awareness and depth, to make relationships more loving, kind and filled with intentions of goodwill.

TAURUS: It is important to tend to your health and well-being as a focus. Then turn to the home, work and daily life. What needs to be eliminated, what is most efficient? You ponder upon a future that includes community, considering right location, safety zones, sources of water (through dowsing), greenhouses, and the best way to meet food source demands for many people. Gather with like-minded others also facing this unknown future. Research and plan together. Teach each other good communication skills.

GEMINI: It’s important that Gems focus on what inspires them and then bring that inspiration into form and matter, into everyday life. Then you will teach the same to humanity. Like Taurus you also to be concerned about the future and with the next seven generations beyond now. In this time between the ages, you need new information in order to be a teacher of humanity. Everything’s reorienting in our world. You must also (reorient into a new balance). What do you understand about this shift and what could your plans be around the future?

CANCER: Your thoughts, focus and tasks are always about family, your garden, property, farming, elders, parenting, home and community. And the new babies being born. We are entering an entirely new world and era. Everyone becomes a teacher. It’s important to share with those close to you what you know about the present world situation. How is your garden? Are you happy and what are you growing? What is on your mind these days? What must you learn about that is new?

LEO: A new cycle of focused creativity and new identity begins. You are a leader. However, often, you’re not aware of your leadership or its responsibilities. In your community of peers, and in forming community in the coming times, others would look to you for direction. What do you think of the present times? If all of reality changes, what would you do? How would you prepare? Where would you go? What are you presently pursuing and is it useful for survival?

VIRGO: It’s most important to realize that values are shifting and changing. And so, the most important questions are the following – What is of value to you? Are you of value? How? We are all very valuable in different ways. Values come in many guises – resources, too. As a great economic reorientation is occurring, as the world shifts into a new vibration, world servers will be called forth who can create the new materialism. What is the new materialism? And how is your garden growing?

LIBRA: A new life structure begins for you this autumn, slowly changing your sense of identity and artistic creative self. Profound new perceptions continue to occur concerning resources and communication with others as well as how you perceive the past and your childhood. As world conditions enter new phases you will be called to a new state of identity. Nurture the art of kindness especially toward family. Honor them, and follow the Ten Commandments (the Aries Laws).

SCORPIO: Mercury, as messenger, is influencing and informing you about the new ethics and ways of being needed to help bring forth the new world civilization. These are big words. Mercury is your spiritual helper, helping you develop contact with the divine. Mercury works with the nine tests of Mars, pushing you to have conscious Goodwill and Right Relations. These cultivate with you great compassion. These words are to define your internal experiences. You ponder and contemplate these ideas.

SAGITTARIUS: You might be called to lead and facilitate groups of people. You might wonder who considers you a leader. Many do, looking to you for justice, like the great king Solomon. It’s good to add a few new friends to your circle and to support projects that educate humanity in the truth. Beliefs change when you consider what your goals were previously and what they are now. To maintain equanimity become a bit more non-conforming. Show worthwhile friends they are valuable.

CAPRICORN: Your Capricorn leadership skills may seem to go into hiding for a while. Because it’s time for rest and rejuvenation. As you serve and aid others, you are recognized and applauded. But a new balance and symmetry within must come about and that takes rest. In the new year you will be wearing new styles, fashions and colors. Then as you continue to nourish others, you will also be nourished. Remember, to honor excellence in your family and your friends. Lives change when excellence is supported. You are excellent!

AQUARIUS: The focus of energy in your life concerns travel, publishing, long journeys, people far away, the news, religion and philosophy. It would be good to meet new people, study histories, biographies, especially geography, teach people new skills, create a weekly group discussion, talking about the coming times, community, future survival. It’s good to allow challenges, new inventions and things different into your life. They will widen your perspectives and expand your courage. Through it all, have gratitude.

PISCES: Reality will drift here and there, resources will change, you hear new words, seeking their origins, and nothing from the past remains. Home doesn’t exist while time passes swiftly and there’s more and more work to do. You seek to stabilize finances, tending to taxes and financial responsibilities, you are conservative and resourceful, you stand in for a parent, you rediscover abilities and gifts, and finally you find a warm salt-water pool to swim in. Solitude leads you into the new reality. Hold on. Keep swimming.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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