What Will Ye Choose? What are the Choices?

What Will Ye Choose? What are the Choices?

We are living under the Sun in Libra, sign of balance and harmony and signifying the time of Choice. Libra is the celestial scales – positioned between Virgo (purity) and Scorpio (desire of the senses, call of Discipleship). Mercury and Mars are also in Libra. If we follow the planets as they change signs in the heaven, we can see the planetary influences reflected in people’s communication (Mercury) and actions (Mars). With Mercury and Mars in Libra the subject matter is relationships, interactions, lovers, enemies, partnerships, war, peace, sex, money and the law. We observe also the choices everyone makes around these issues.

Astrology is the tool of understanding each other. It is the Mother Science of all true knowledge and wisdom teachings.

The choice offered in Libra is which path do we choose – the path of materiality or the path of the disciple. It is an important choice because victory is attained through wise choice. And how do we make Right Choice?

The Wisdom Teachings say “Right Choice is made when we align with the Will to Good and the Will to Love.” This is Saturn’s teachings. Saturn is exalted in Libra. Saturn is the teacher, disciplinarian, the guide and the guard on our pathway to heaven. It was Saturn who led the Hebrew people from Taurus/Egypt (slavery) to Aries/Canaan (freedom). Saturn is still our guide and guardian as we journey now as a people from Pisces to Aquarius.

Events for the month – a feast day, a festival, an artist’s birthday and the chart of the United States.

Wednesday, October 4 is the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis spoke to all the creatures of the earth with friendship, love and compassion. Friday, October 6, at sunset, the Jewish Feast of Sukkot ends with happy and joyful dancing. The Hebrew people reached Canaan, land of freedom, light, milk and honey! Sunday, October 8, Venus enters Virgo. Venus is the Fairy Queen, queen of the fairy/devic Hierarchy, active in all gardens and the flower kingdom. Monday, October 9 is Columbus Day. Columbus’s discoveries informed the old world there was land beyond their European realms. October 9 is also the birthday of Nicholas Roerich (1874), extraordinary Russian painter of mysticism and the occult (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicholas_Roerich) (https://www.roerich.org/museum-paintings-catalogue.php). Tuesday, October 10, Pluto stations direct at the very last degrees of Capricorn, on the US Sun. The battle between the forces of dark and light continue. (Read Risa’s daily writings on FB and at www.nightlightnews.org/)

ARIES: Your present learnings, teachings and tasks hover around relationships. With all the work you’re tending to how are your relationships faring? Are they floundering, progressing, expanding, descending or uplifting? Are you able to offer balance, harmony and equanimity – difficult yet highly soothing for your stress. Investing in Goodwill at home and work initiates a new and benevolent reality to all aspects of your life. You are happier.

TAURUS: Perhaps you’ve felt that your ceaseless intentions and teachings concerning upcoming changes and how to prepare have come up against an obstruction and limitations. This may have brought a wound to light. The next weeks’ events may reveal more chaos and it will be then when you can rebalance and reaffirm that you are indeed moving forward along the pathway of light. Heed not any sense of discouragement. It’s momentary. You will persevere and your work will be recognized.

GEMINI: A new level of play is needed in your life. Play allows for ease and relaxation and what then comes forth is inspiration and creative endeavors. But these you may not pursue. Be careful not to be caught somewhere in the middle of personal needs and relationship needs. This will be a test for you. And it calls for a contemplation upon priorities. Remember that in Libra, right judgment and proper use of love are tested. What friend can help you along the way? Whose hand can you hold?

CANCER: Your inclination these days is to tend to personal, nurturing needs but then you are called to the workplace where there’s so much work you can easily feel restricted, limited, exhausted and unable to change agendas. Then you begin to rebel and all relationships fall into a wound and you feel persecuted and like St. Paul, before his initiation, blinded and hurt. This is a difficult time of testing for you. Maintain. Do the work needed. Judge not. This will ease soon.

LEO: You’ll finally communicate about something deeply important and it will actually bring balance to a situation from the past that has been seeking harmony for a very long time. This old situation and separation has been limiting you in all ways especially in how you accept, receive and then in turn provide nurturing. Caution at work. You may not understand the entire situation. Feelings could get hurt. Wait. Ask for divine guidance, for truth and for right perception. When we ask, the answer is always given. God does it quietly.

VIRGO: In the month of Libra you can feel a need to assert your self-identity and independence. This is a good state to be in. And so a new level of being seen, of feeling valuable can begin if you have the intention for the Will-to-Good. The Will is the Father, the Good is the Mother – sacred principles. Having this intention helps in understanding the self and the world and any wounds you encounter. A major shift begins to transform all levels of how you see yourself in terms of others. Wounds disappear. Forgiveness and then freedom appear.

LIBRA: The past weeks and month presented extreme challenges, unexpected, very difficult, at times scary, and almost impossible to overcome. You were far away from any nurturance. You were and still are exhausted and weary. What you learned was boundaries were needed so you could rely on your own need, judgment and abilities. Now is a time to rest, to set your heart at ease and find someone to cook for you. This is your birthday month!

SCORPIO: Scorpio in its deepest levels, often quite unknown to themselves, is a teacher and a leader. Should you assume this responsibility consciously, you will be guiding others emotionally, intellectually, and/or physically, and you will be seen as a spiritual mentor. Everywhere things are falling away and dissolving. Assist this process by draping veils, entertaining a few fish, bathing in warm waters, and knowing that everything’s in transformation. Your ruler, Pluto, will be changing signs soon.

SAGITTARIUS: Everything’s becoming topsy turvy! The past keeps revealing itself in myriad ways, the money situation slides this way and that, communication is about the future along with a sense of home, what does one do? Dress well, don’t criticize, review family history, buy new shoes, act like a mother, use your divine intelligence, and contain yourself as best you can. A hobby or a horse would be good, too. Note if any group seeks your leadership or attention. Pay attention to this.

CAPRICORN: You seem to be carrying all of the family and then some on your shoulders each day. This work of caring for others competes for your time so exhaustion may result. It’s important to find time for your creative endeavors. You need more rest or your communication could sound like a dragon, you could feel like a failure, and be seen as someone who can’t nurture anymore. Step back. Bless everything and everyone. This blessing surrounded everything and all that you do with love. This is a serious (from Sirius) message.

AQUARIUS: Your mind’s active with, thoughts, ideas and plans for the future, a good thing, since there’s lots of work to do that prepares for the new era and much that may remain hidden. Ideals are good, goals, too. Begin to have some and use your imagination in that area. For the next several months you may find yourself quite practical, building up physical strength and courage. Use resources carefully. Also be mindful of food and diet. More salads, more greens are needed. Do not stress your gall bladder or liver.

PISCES: A relationship is of some concern to you. You seek harmony and commitment, understand what the vows of marriage really mean in their spiritual essence. Spend time pondering and writing about this, which will ease matters and provide clarity, a new sense of identity and a stronger will. During this Libra time you will need to choose from two very opposite situations. Pray for guidance. Maintain poise and equanimity. Work in the mornings. Cook in the afternoons. Stand in the twilight with the angels. Before sleep ask for their help and healing.

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