Strange and Dangerous Times

Strange and Dangerous Times

We are in times we’ve never experienced before. The turmoil due to the changing of the Ages (Pisces to Aquarius) and the darkness of the Kali Yuga are in full force. Humanity is unable in many ways to participate in normal daily life. Wanting to move outward into the world, pulled back into ourselves. Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn lifting the darkness into the light, as old realities attempt to override the new.

Some of us may feel paralyzed with fear, exhausted and weary with the constant changes. We long to return to normalcy. In our solitude we try to make sense of this strange and masked new world filled with disruptions and violence, and wonder where we will find strength, balance and harmony. During these revolutionary times, it’s important to stand up and be a voice articulating goodwill, morals, ethics and truth. And to collectively ask who are the true movers and shakers? Well, it seems that we are. Many of us have the same vision. We confront a paradox these days, when discernment and right choice are paramount for survival, yet indifference and confusion seem the norm.

We must practice choice each day, being willing to stand with the Will-to-Good. This is the magnet of the future.

Leo calls us to be leaders. And as leaders to gather together, build community, making a game plan that envisions and creates the new era. Assisting us are the meteor showers Delta Aquarids, peaking on the 28th, emerging from (radiant) the constellation Aquarius. The showers, 10 – 20 an hour, fanning out east, north and west at pre-dawn, stream across the sky – the very light of the Aquarian Age. At the heart of Aquarius is Jupiter (Ray 2 of Love/wisdom).

The fifth Gate (of Leo) has opened, the fifth Labor has begun. It is a dreadful labor and we must be fierce. Let us keep watch even though our heart is questioning. We must burnish bright our shields, feel our courage strong. And stand with poise knowing it is our task to create the brave new world together.

ARIES: In the days to come, with Sun in Leo, your deeper creativity comes forth. It quietly emerges when we are most silent. The Sun reveals your temperament and characteristics and why you are in this particular life incarnation. It also highlights gifts from previous lives you are reliving in this lifetime. The Sun in Leo point out your pathway made of stars!

TAURUS: You will eventually realize that you are an artist. And that a greater level of confidence and creativity will emerge if you experiment in new ways of expression…art, music, singing, dance, theatre. All of this can be done at home at first. That is y our protection. You have permission to be bold and confident. Although you say you don’t want to be noticed, deep inside your gifts are recognized, you are happy. And then you know you are loved.

GEMINI: Are you speaking from a place of authenticity, a place of protection, a place of fear? Do you speak quickly, any type of words will do, as long as you make people laugh and they don’t attach themselves to you? A deep personal power and courage emerges when your true thoughts are expressed. It’s important to identify exactly how you feel and express those feelings. When speaking from the heart and with truth, you become a light in the darkness of a waiting world

CANCER: Do you believe you are valuable and have personal power? Do you give generously of yourself? Do you expect anything in return? It’s important not to hide feelings. You are not to indicate or create puzzles for people to try and figure out how you feel. It’s important to value your feelings, to articulate and to cherish them. And to share them genuinely. They are your pathways to peace.

LEO: You have the ability to bring the heart of the Sun, Love/Wisdom, down into your heart and radiate it outward to everything, everyone and all you encounter. You have the ability to create warmth in others as they stand next to you. You must understand spiritually that you carry the light of the Sun. Often, unaware, you hide yourself in that light. You must instead, radiate that light. You are the radiant fiery Sun of the zodiac.

VIRGO: As the Sun illumines your twelfth house it will ask you to dissolve all separative thoughts, feelings, actions; dissolving them into a universal loving matrix so your aspirational efforts can be recognized by the Soul. The Soul cannot direct anyone’s personality if they are unkind, judgmental or critical – all separative behaviors. The Soul’s light is Love/Wisdom. When you see others creating separations, radiate to them the light of your Soul. Watch as they change.

LIBRA: Are you the bright star with friends from all walks of life, here, there and everywhere? Are you the star of your social and work groups? I think you are. Your friends appreciate your chart, flair, parties, smile and generosity. You share everything with everyone. Sometimes, though, you want to blend into the shadows. Sometimes you’re tired. There are places to explore that are still unknown to you. Your own shadows. In there someone isn’t a star for you. Why?

SCORPIO: The world needs your ability to research. Scorpios are often disciples and always warriors. Deeply individual at first, you build the strongest personality. Later you become aware of a collective purpose and of serving humanity. Often people think you’re hiding, but really, you’re pondering life’s mysteries, which you must understand, one by one. You shoulder great responsibility so that others can move toward the light. You are Atlas.

SAGITTARIUS: You sometimes throw caution to the winds. You also sometimes hide your star so others can shine brightly in their own light. You aren’t happy with anything less than the very best. You therefore, arethe best. You bring warmth, personality, a bit of a thrill wherever you are. You look away sometimes from what others see. You look toward your destiny. You shine a light on it. And walk toward it.

CAPRICORN: There is sometimes an unspoken energy around you that brings attention to your sense of happiness and creativity. There’s a bit of mystery about you, too, that no one understands. You maintain your dignity in all situations. You know the difference between people who love you and people who… (you fill in the blanks). You have a childlike way of loving and are hurt when others are cruel. Keep your trust intact. Keep laughing, tell jokes and continue to write.

AQUARIUS: It seems to be time for an interlude, linking you to nothing and nowhere, just for a while, so that you can come to a central state of balance as to who you are, where you are, why, and what further choices you must make in and for the future. You must, as you stand in balance, attempt to hold all opposing forces in check. This tension creates a greater awareness concerning the distribution of your gifts in service to humanity. The world, nature around you, loves you.

PISCES: You need someone who understands and listens to you, someone who can share your hopes, wishes and dreams, someone who, although you have a distinct sense of self, can hear your heartbeat, knowing all that you say is important and contains a message. You need environments that bring forth playfulness, environments of beauty, intelligence and balance. Chemical reactions between two substances, transform both. If only one is transformed, then only one is singing.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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