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Advice Goddess

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hide I’m a 30-year-old gay man with a new boyfriend. He is a total social butterfly: the kind of person who shows up to a bar

Risa's Astrology

Evoking Our Wisest Choice

There is a book call the Labors of Hercules. It depicts a man, Hercules, encountering twelves experiences, lessons and tests under the twelve signs of the zodiac. Hercules represents humanity

Family Friendly

Poised To Play Again

Amazeum reopens to visitors this weekend BECCA MARTIN-BROWN How do you adapt an interactive museum for families to function amid concerns about covid-19 exposure? For the Scott Family Amazeum


Art Moving Forward

Fenix Fayetteville considers culture and inclusion BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “Artists document our contemporary times and have for centuries,” muses Jeanne Parham. “It is the artist voice that has transformed beliefs


‘The Road Ahead’ – National Park Radio has new EP for fans at home

BECCA MARTIN-BROWN For National Park Radio, life right now is a study in contrasts. The husband-and-wife duo of Stefan and Kerrie Szabo is used to being on the road


Just A Brief Intermission

APT ‘remixes’ Season 35 for eight shows in eight months BECCA MARTIN-BROWN If ever anyone could put a positive spin on postponing a theater season, it’s Ed McClure. “Eight

Making Ripples

Don’t Let ‘Em Bug You

Bug balm makes bug bites more tolerable AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples At the height of summer, “bugs” are having a lot of “fun.” They are engaged in an almost unimaginable

In The News

Even At A Distance

Peacemaker all about music, community JOCELYN MURPHY Though the Riverfront Amphitheater will look a little different July 24 and 25, organizers for Fort Smith’s annual Peacemaker Music Festival are

Cover Story

Four Minutes, Four Questions: Evan Alvarado-The House of Songs

JOCELYN MURPHY As the coronavirus’ impact grows and shifts daily — and continues changing how artists and musicians create in its wake — The House of Songs in Bentonville

Male Call

Collar stays are here to stay

Q. Your recent button-down collar shirt column was a lovely piece for a boy from Little Rock who arrived at Yale without having seen a “button down,” but adjusted as