Evoking Our Wisest Choice

Evoking Our Wisest Choice

There is a book call the Labors of Hercules. It depicts a man, Hercules, encountering twelves experiences, lessons and tests under the twelve signs of the zodiac. Hercules represents humanity (who eventually becomes the world disciple) living in the world encountering life experiences. Hercules is all of us, our life-after-life Earth experiences on Earth. As Hercules lives through each sign, he faces tests, trials and continual tasks. As these are completed, wisdom gathers in the heart and mind of Hercules and he eventually enters the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things, where intuition and pure love reside. In the stories, each sign’s labor is different, each building one upon the other.

The United States came into being under the sign of Cancer (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Cancer). The Cancer task for Hercules (us) is very interesting. It is about choice. Hercules is told he must make a choice between two realities. The obedience of his heart, his discernment, wisdom and power to choose must come forth. This particular task is important for us to understand. The world situation is presently demanding that we, too, make a choice. That choice made now determines our future.

From “Labors of Hercules: The Cancer Labor”, we hear these words…

The Great Presiding One said to the Teacher, ““Where is the son of man (Sanskrit for the “thinkers”), who is the son of God? How fares he, how is he being tested and with what service is he now engaged? It is not time to provide him with a test that evokes his wisest choice. Send him to labor in a field where he must decide which voice, of all the many voices, will arouse the obedience of his heart. Provide a test of great simplicity on the outer plane, yet a test which awakens, interiorly, the fullness of his wisdom and the Rightness of his power to choose. Let him now proceed with the test of choosing.”

ARIES: Throughout the year, great changes will occur. Your outlook on life will be concerned with freedom, especially how you express and conduct yourself. Breaking from the past will also occur. You will be as one who is “awakened” from a deep sleep. The awakening will happen through unexpected events. Break this gently to people who care about you so, as you change, they are not surprised. Cherish each moment.

TAURUS: Unusual events happen particularly with your health. You might find unexpected difficulties almost every day and they affect your well-being. How to handle these is to first maintain pure food and drink. Then adapt to the idea that all patterns in your life are in a state of alteration, including your health. Perform daily tasks with deep awareness lest a spider bite you or a snake come upon you. These are symbols of change. Have homeopaths and alkaline water always nearby.

GEMINI: Your friendships and social life begin to shift. You encounter new ideas, considering community and group life more and more. You study spiritual lifestyles and listen to alternative (not politically correct) news. The idea of being free and free-spirited is long overdue. Vesta, the asteroid of “self as found object” is in Cancer, sign of home and nurturance. You must make another Vesta box. Find a box, fill it with treasures that represent what nurtures you, what you want to nurture humanity with. This becomes your north star, your artifact.

CANCER: Talents and gifts you didn’t know existed within you are coming alive and this is a discovery that is exciting, unexpected, offering a new self-identity. Your life, likewise, embarks upon several new directions and people around you begin to consider you as one who knows a lot about something very specific. You surprise everyone. They think of you as unconventional and studious. This is good. A new life story begins.

LEO: It’s possible you want to be traveling, if you’re not already. Travel is curious, unexpected, out of the ordinary these days. The journey will not be what you planned. You will meet unusual people who help you see life in completely different terms. Even though you long for what is time-honored, nothing traditional is available. Everything otherworldly, sacred and divine seeks you. Allow yourself to settle into this. Your heart is stirred.

VIRGO: Unexpected events or happenings occur with shared finances and money. Is it time to look into new investments, complete taxes, pay off loans? At first this doesn’t make sense. As time goes by it will. Know also when you give, you are given to, so you can give and give some more. That is an esoteric teaching. The pleasures you pursue and things you like cost money. Do you feel you cannot depend on your usual sources. Uncertainty results. You will find new paths and new resources. There is gratitude.

LIBRA: Some things in your relations with others and with your close associates and intimates become unusual and surprising. Should you feel a loss of freedom or resistance from others, should anything feel limiting know that you will quickly shake it off when turning towards creativity. It may be difficult at times to rely on anyone. If you notice this, become the ‘reliable one’ for others. Breaking free from things doesn’t mean you need to be cruel. Be gentle and kind – always, everywhere, with everyone.

SCORPIO: Daily work, routines and agendas need to include tending to your health. Create new habits and schedules that include all things healthy. Each day you may find yourself interrupted. The world slowly becomes non-traditional and unconventional. This includes health, which you need to pay attention to. Restlessness means you need a new rhythm. You will work non-stop at times, then work not at all at other times. Alternative healing benefits your health. Slow down.

SAGITTARIUS: Know that more and more you will begin to express yourself in unconventionally creative ways. You will become the “out of the ordinary” artist, writer, friend. Children, eccentrics and odd balls will love you. There will be sudden occurrences in your love life, in romance. Previous inhibitions fall away. You become more free, spontaneous, more like a wizard or magician. Everything you didn’t like falls away. You laugh more, become light-hearted and playful. You are happy.

CAPRICORN: Home always seems in a state of change. This is good. It means no crystallizations can occur. Life with all its restrictions these days can feel disruptive and erratic. Life, as we enter Aquarius, is speeding up. Sometimes you feel if you move too fast you will make a wrong turn. You feel tested, stimulated to approach the being at home in new ways. Sometimes you feel free. Sometimes you miss someone far away. You are an artist. Boredom isn’t in your vocabulary.

AQUARIUS: The present crisis is introducing and exposing us to new thoughts, ideas, ways of being, along with restrictions and distancing. New opportunities come forth to express yourself and your gifts for the good of the whole. You like to be with people in the marketplace. There you feel alive, in contact with people who know and rely upon your expertise. Continue to contact family, siblings, relatives. Your personal appearance changes. Your shell cracks. The natural world calls to you. Love happens.

PISCES: Over the next weeks and months, notice as your values change. All things no longer useful will swim away like little fishes. Help them. New values that allow for new growth will emerge. There will be a call for things less material. You will give much away. Uncertain and unusual circumstances will bring about unusual use of resources. Income results from future technologies, studies that are spiritual and built around community. You help build the Sharing Society. Life changed for you. Life ahead will be an adventure. You’re preparing now.

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