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Advice Goddess

Wail Watching and See Monster

Wail Watching My roommate just found out her ex-fiance is terminally ill and is likely to pass away soon. Though they had a weird relationship, I can tell she’s taking

In The News

Thanks For The Memories

Folklorist collects tales of life during coronavirus BECCA MARTIN-BROWN The year 2020 will certainly be a benchmark in time: Where were you when man walked on the moon? Where

Family Friendly

Explore The Great Outdoors

Dogwood Canyon lets visitors get away from it all BECCA MARTIN-BROWN The hand of Johnny Morris is everywhere in southwestern Missouri, from the original Bass Pro Shops location to

Cover Story

A Proud Community

LGBTQ+ voices support, encourage during covid days JOCELYN MURPHY It feels strange to use the word “celebrate” when the world is as it is. And yet, Pride Month is

Male Call

The low down on the button-down

Q. In a recent question, you referred to “ button-down shirts.”  I am not exactly sure what kind of shirts you meant.                                                                                                     A. This is one of several men’s clothing terms


Changing Places And Faces

‘Maman’ moves, lobby grows at Crystal Bridges JOCELYN MURPHY “My favorite part of this installation was at the very, very end when we put her eggs back in her

Risa's Astrology

Rod of Justice, Rule of Law and Prayers for our Country

Saturday, July 4th, is Independence Day in the United States. It is the U.S. birthday. Saturday night, Sunday morning is also the full moon, lunar eclipse (13 degrees Cancer/Capricorn). A


Finally Ready To Party

Showboat Branson Belle celebrates 25th birthday BECCA MARTIN-BROWN The Showboat Branson Belle turned 25 on April 13 — but the party is just beginning. Like so many things, the

Making Ripples

Small Space, Plenty Of Room

Tips help keep tiny living seem big and comfy AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples Small spaces are an increasingly popular investment, especially this summer. To wait out the pandemic, some people