Rod of Justice, Rule of Law and Prayers for our Country

Rod of Justice, Rule of Law and Prayers for our Country

Saturday, July 4th, is Independence Day in the United States. It is the U.S. birthday. Saturday night, Sunday morning is also the full moon, lunar eclipse (13 degrees Cancer/Capricorn). A most auspicious time for the U.S. which came into being, freeing itself from British rule) on July 4th, 1776, under the sign of Cancer, sign of the Light of the World. It is a lighthouse that offers light to travelers, to the weary and to those in need.

Every nation has a task, a part to play in our world. The task of the United States is to “stand in the light & lead humanity and the nations towards the Light.” We read from the bible, “You are (to be) the Light of the World”– Matthew 5:14-16. The United States is the only country founded upon the principle of and as an experiment in freedom. In this time when our freedoms are being challenged, we pray for our country. We stand in Solomon’s Temple which represents the peace that comes from truth and wisdom.

Our Prayers: “We pray that the decisions and actions of the people of knowledge, the wise ones, also the current administration & those in positions of power and responsibility remain close to the Wisdom of God, remain in Solomon’s Temple, to implement the Rule of Law, the Rod of Justice and all policies with fairness, mercy, clear insight, always with the intention for the highest good of humanity & the kingdoms. We pray for those who do not understand yet. Those who feel afraid, lost, uncertain, sorrowful. May their spirit be touched by the Soul’s Love and intelligence, so they are free to live & love & serve. We pray for freedom in our country, the freedom to speak truth, to offer solace & care. We call upon the angels & guardians of our country & peoples that our lives are aligned with divine destiny. We call forth the Light of Goodwill – that it may manifest all the fruits of goodness, stabilize us and assist humanity in moving forward with courage, strength & Right Direction. We call forth the Light of the North Star to clear all obstacles & hindrances. So that the people and country’s balance, harmony and Divine Plan on Earth are restored. Amen. Om.”

ARIES: Being creative builds and strengthens your self-identity. Creativity seeks you every moment, calling you to initiate new endeavors that respond to all the changes coming your way in terms of work, how you’re recognized, interactions in relationships. In our time of crisis, poise and calmness are most important. Do not allow Mars in Aries to incite you to act in ways that hurt others. Tend to health with a focus on proper digestion (from pure waters, green alkaline foods. etc.)

TAURUS: Land, home, the garden – all sustain and hold your focused attention. There’s much to be done now preparing for the future. Ask yourself what the bigger picture is concerning our world and how it impacts your life, geography, relationships, partnerships. Careful if working in the hot sun. You may not be absorbing enough water. Maintain adequate electrolytes each day. Drink alkaline water. Health and healing are most important now so you can serve more later.

GEMINI: Mercury, the Messenger, Hermes, is your planet. The Sun and Mercury are in Cancer now calling you to nourish and nurture yourself in new ways. A line of light streams directly into your mind and heart. It creates a framework within that unifies polarities but only if you love (Ray 2) more, which happens when enough information has been gathered. Study finances, resources, gold and silver, land, gardens, and values that sustain you. Make a Vesta box.

CANCER: Communication may be difficult and you may feel confusion, anger and frustration about the world situation. Simultaneously others could be acting out those feelings for you. There’s a situation with self-identity. Cancer is the gate where spirit enters matter. Have you been having unusual spiritual events or messages from whereabouts unknown? Is there a wound or hurt occurring? Is there something you don’t understand? A violet laser light of prayer helps.

LEO: A sense of retreat is occurring, an inwardness with the Mercury retrograde. It is preparing for your next month’s birthday. Sitting amidst your Sun are shadows of the past providing you with thoughts of forgiveness as a healing path. Gratitude always walks hand in hand with forgiveness. You are asked to value every person, event and occurrence in your life – past, present and future. When you do so, a new breath of life fills your body and anything that restricts and obstructs quietly falls away.

VIRGO: As you begin new creative endeavors, be sure to navigate slowly; allowing yourself rest so your physical body, emotions and mind can receive new ideas, thoughts and impression. We need the reorientation of Mercury retrograde three times a year so original values and inner resources can emerge. They come from deep gestating spiritual sources. A new two-year cycle begins. Are you writing in your Mercury retrograde journal?

LIBRA: You hop, skip & jump and drive over hill and dale between home and work, attempting to be present in both. Emotions pull you home, responsibilities call you to work. Both comfort you. Daily life seems complicated with ever-shifting realities. Do you feel stretched out on a cross, attention called in four different directions? Nothing’s consistent. You’re learning how to navigate the waters of change. Return to the foundations of your upbringing. Love was there.

SCORPIO: Try to be kind when communicating about people’s lives. Maintain ethics within the constant variations of our present crisis of reality. Your values have shifted so now you’re evaluating communications. This is good. Home is dissolving and coming together simultaneously as you seek comfort within groups. A wound seems to come from the future/past. Don’t worry about these strange occurrences. These are normal in times of reorientation. Remain poised.

SAGITTARIUS: There is a focus needed on money and resources. Questions appear concerning what you value. It’s good to create a list of what you value. Ponder upon all aspects of life; personal, public, professional, political. Include possessions and the people you value. Ask yourself why? What do you value, in terms of relationships and communication? And why? Asking and answering these questions allows you to deepen within your inner undiscovered self. Pluto is asking.

CAPRICORN: An illumination, a fruition, a completion and then a new beginning occurs at the full moon time. Do you (like Libra) feel stretched upon a cross, called in four directions? The direction of others, partnerships, colleagues; of work and recognition in the world (what is it?); of home, family and daily vicissitudes; and finally, yourself (where are you)? Acknowledge all four realities. Place an angel at each of the four directions. Stand at the center of the cross and willingly, intelligently and lovingly direct all that is around you. Good job, by the way!

AQUARIUS: Each day seems filled with responsibilities, tasks, errands, strivings attempting to create comfort and nurturance. On the other hand, a dreaminess seems to permeate your choices and relationships become more important and you wonder if you need to learn new and different communication skills. The answer is yes. Ones that are less strict and more conciliatory as if you’ve been listening deeply, with compassion, curiosity and understanding. Aquarians could love more.

PISCES: As you step more into the world of groups, abilities are called forth that awaken a newer sense of self-identity, the ability to direct, work with and serve others and previous life gifts. Many are in need of nourishment. You are the one recognized as having the needed nurturing qualities. Even though you may feel a great tension and unease of not being in the right place, you proceed forward. Something will change soon. Quietly and bravely and with faith, just carry on.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

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