Life, Creative & On The Edge

Life, Creative & On The Edge

The coming weeks and months will be very challenging for humanity. The present, continuing and upcoming transits, phenomenal in their power, force, strength and multiplicity (with more to come), have long- range, enduring effects on humanity and all of our endeavors. This is the year of multiple retrogrades. Retrogrades turn us inward in order to assess the quality of our lives and things we need to change. During July and August, eight “lights” in the sky are retrograde. For now, Mercury retrograde ends Sunday(at 6 Cancer). And Mars (retrograding in September) is in Aries (fire, red, war, inflammations, reactions). Thus, we can understand the state of our world.

Mars in Aries is partially why we are seeing such out of control behaviors. Mars, on the personality-building level, is desire, action, anger, assertion, aggression and war – it is how the personality stumbles towards learning Right Human Relations and peace (Libra). Mars and Aries work together. They initiate things with fiery will. Mars in Aries (spiritually) calls humanity to learn about itself, to cultivate, through observation, its true self identity.

Mars, the color red, inflames emotion and events; interactions are reactionary, intense and fiery. It’s life on the edge. We experience flare ups, anger, frustration, impatience, criticism, judgments. Temperatures rise and people are in reactive and destructive states. We find many people reactive, under illusions, and unaware of consequences.

How do we neutralize these things? Each day, prepare for the unexpected. Creating the good, resisting that which is not good.Understanding the difference. Discerning the two.

When creating the Good, the unexpected appears to help us. Disciples understand these words. Creation is freedom. From Buckminster Fuller. “We don’t change things by fighting the existing reality. Build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

ARIES: An unusual time begins for you with new views of yourself in relationship to others and a new way of working in the world (with others). Careful with communication, create a time for regular exercise, review supplements and vitamins. Sometimes fire signs can’t maintain a regular constant regimen. However, it’s vital to your present future tasks, upcoming demands and essential to health and longevity.

TAURUS: In many ways you’re becoming more like Pisces. This is not disheartening. It’s rather special having Pisces’ compassionate characteristics. Yes, it’s difficult to perceive earth realities, difficult to walk a straight line and keep balance. Sometimes you stumble along, knowing only the present moment is real. Even with all these physical obstructions, seeing differently as you do, you still “save the world”. Your protector is the elephant god Ganesh. Pray to him to remove all hindrances and obstacles.

GEMINI: The message each week seems the same – the community and groups you will participate in, the duality you present, the love and synthesis gifts for Gemini from Sirius. Soon you must begin to discern which groups are part of the New Group of World Servers, the people of Goodwill. It is important to discriminate between the real and the false light. What groups are you magnetized toward? What calls to you each day? What voices are you listening to?

CANCER: So many things are ending, culminating. Long held hopes and wishes are falling away. What new opportunities do you now seek? As you study new information, especially about herbs, flowers, roots, foods and gardening, you will understand more how to safeguard and sustain yourself and family. Know the devas in the gardens have a deep love for you. They offer a high vibrational yet subtle healing.

LEO: In the next year, as your horizons expand, you will enter new groups and endeavors. And find new friends that love you. You continue to wonder about lands far away. The unusual and culturally different places and people are of interest to you. You’re ready soon for a new reality. See the next year as a philosophical adventure containing new rhythms. You still have relationship wounds hidden away. Water and forgiveness help.

VIRGO: Summon and act upon values that make you feel empowered. In the next months your values may change. Be aware of this. You like to be practical and down to earth. Use your money to empower yourself and to empower and assist others. The past is over. New messages need to be sent. Be aware of impatience and impulsiveness with spending. Use resources with deep respect and with gratitude. And to serve.

LIBRA: Good yet unusual events unexpectedly occur in the next months. As realities shift and change in the world, create deeper roots where you live and with those you care for and love. Use resources wisely. Grow a vegetable garden. Get a green house. Prepare for a different future. Ask one’s partner and/or friends about goals, dreams, wishes, hopes, fears. Come from the heart, always. You are fierce and independent sometimes. Slow down and rest a bit.

SCORPIO: In all things, especially food, diet, health, exercise there must be a constancy and regularity. A daily rhythm. This will be a challenge. The chaos in our world can create tension and fear, unevenness and chaos. Anything in excess over time creates a health situation. Observe your health with care. Ask if your daily work serves you. Over time, your spiritual courage will change either the work you do or your perceptions about work. When you speak (write) people listen.

SAGITTARIUS: You will have days of transformation and days of harmony, days of sadness and days of ease and beauty. This tension creates attention to creating a new life, new essential artistic things (artistic) as you express yourself differently. Each day, plan on enhancing and improving everything around you. You are the steward of your life. In between, you need a new sense of play, of fun and pleasure, and new towns and cities to explore.

CAPRICORN: At times we all want to flee our world and run away from home. Running is good (for exercise, to run a race), but always you come home again. Mars is keeping you home, close to the land and perhaps in a garden. You are remembering your early life, the events and situations and people of long ago. You’re attempting to understand the psychological structures of your upbringing. It gives you a new sense of self identity. Mother played a big part in this. Write.

AQUARIUS: Are you learning new information, in a new environment. Is it offering you a new philosophy, a new sense of understanding the world? Is your neighborhood one that inspires you, offers a greater view of life? It is good to be in contact with brothers and sisters, relatives, family. Everyone’s changing. You are, too. Share your life with them, ask about their lives. Careful with money and resources. Write in your journal every day about your everyday life. You’re learning life is magical.

PISCES: You’re in deep waters, on the edge of new archetypes, waiting for new realities, developing new values, learning about resources and money, Right Stewardship and Right Timing. You want to begin something. You seek a refuge and safe haven for self and other. In Permaculture, which observes living systems and how they relate, “the most diversity exists at the edges. It is here that change happens naturally.” Remain always at the edge. Life, creative and on the edge, happens there.

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…

The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute

—-a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology

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