What Do We Value?

We remain for many weeks (till mid-November) under Venus retrograde (in Scorpio, then Libra), reminding us that Venus retrograde is the time to assess our values. We are to focus upon, ask ourselves what (resources, people, relationships, kingdoms, etc.) is of value to us. Creating a state of illumination in Scorpio and contemplation in Libra. We are to ask ourselves two questions – what of value will we keep, cultivate & cherish? And what will we eliminate (share, give away, allowing it to drop away)?

Life events occur during Venus retrograde (Scorpio tests then Libra choice) creating an acute awareness of what we value, whom we value, all that we value, including the value of the self/Self. The latter most important to consider. Aware of this Venus retrograde influence, we observe our lives within the lens of Venus. And then Venus retrograde, as we assess, we are also called to choose (Libra’s task).

Under Libra Sun and Venus retrograde we are in an “interval, a time of oscillating between two things (you/me, I/Thou, up/down, here/there, etc.), until we finally come to rest. Venus retro calls us to stand for what we value. And Libra, informing us that we must choose wisely and rightly, also tells us how.

When we align with the Will-to-Good, Goodwill and Right Choice and Harmony come forth. All illusions, distortions, glamours and hindrances fall away. We are able to see clearly how the self and each of us are deeply valuable to our world. Love and harmony from Venus then come forth. “The heart, filled with love, becomes active and valiant, expanding its capacity. Such a heart, praying without words, bathes in Bliss. How greatly in need is humanity’s realization of the Fire of Love! A fire from a star of the highest tension.”~ Helena Roerich, Agni Yoga

ARIES: You are learning many things about yourself – the use of your vital life force; your sense of altruism; your ability to initiate and undertake anything, even the risky and questionable; your sense of self-worth and of being valued; and the fact that you are able at this time to shape an idea and anchor it into form and matter. These are extraordinary gifts. You are to recognize them. Inviting others to learn them.

TAURUS: You teach the use of positive thoughts, of constructive and progressive actions. They deter us away from adverse, harmful and destructive thinking which obstructs and hinders any moving forward. The fact that you are very principled, ethical and ask others to also have morals and principles needs to be recognized. We are grateful. You have a purity of action that lights up our Path with Goodness.

GEMINI: A guardian angel hovers over and around your life at this time. Can you see, sense of feel it? Angels take our forlorn sadness and turn it into courage, hope, faith and knowledge that “love underlies everything in our lives.” Your angel also guides you to retreat into contemplative solitude. Just for a while. Into a meditative state of creative visualization that vitalizes your life force. You will learn Mercy.

CANCER: It’s important to be out and about, away from family, even though family is your entire life. But other groups are also valuable to your health and well-being. You are influential, important, nurturing and helpful to so many. However, at time your shyness doesn’t allow this to register. You are also tolerant and forgiving. Humanity’s progress is your progress.

LEO: Your kindness comes forth because you realize that all leaders need to have kindness or they are destroyed in their attempt at leadership. You realize you cannot destroy those who look up to you for leadership. Leo is to be the heart of kindness. You excel at everything. Allow this excellence to become mature, seasoned and above all, ethical. Value others’ achievements. Let them surpass you. The leader’s (teacher’s) purpose.

VIRGO: Go slowly and you will make it to where you are going. This is applied to travel as well as study. Like Pallas Athena, whose father is Jupiter, you always seek knowledge that leads to wisdom. You enjoy sharing what you know. Be aware of whether or not people are listening. Sometimes they are not ready for your depths of information. They will be, someday. But not now. What inspires you these days?

LIBRA: In between tending to your ceaseless professional work, you’re able to strategize, research and investigate new realities, getting to the root cause of any situation. Your instincts unravel mysteries and solve things deep and complex. Amidst it all, you continue to display great charm and grace and stability within your ever-shifting relationship(s). Realize you are of great value to the balance and harmony in the world.

SCORPIO: You must attempt to cultivate close relationships. Just one or two loving intimate friends will do. When you allow this to come forth you are able to do your best. Close friends are important for your fair play to emerge, your value to be accepted and reflected, your goals to be reached. We all need help. You, too, at times. You are able to strategize and negotiate. These are very important Scorpio talented gifts.

SAGITTARIUS: Your ethical high standards are apparent wherever you are but especially at work. Faith in others and respect for their abilities are how you expect everyone to treat everyone else. Sometimes others do not reflect your ethics or morals. This presents a choice. You always choose the higher path, the right thing to do. Many, seeking a mentor, a guide and/or teacher, watch you carefully for cues of leadership. Humanity needs education today more than anything. That’s your call now.

CAPRICORN: Many like you, think you’re a bit mysterious, and want to be around your kindness, generosity, playfulness and warmth. Children especially trust you. Adults and young ones recognize your creativity, ability to entertain, ability to make people laugh, ability to teach, your sense of aesthetics, patience, love with no complications, and helping others learn. Did I miss anything? Think greenhouses, flower bulbs, roses and fruit trees.

AQUARIUS: You are guided to create and maintain safety, security and deep roots in your home. You value loved ones, yet you keep a certain distance so that freedom and your world work can be accomplished. Careful of things occurring behind the scenes. Careful of criticisms (yours or others). Maintain ethics and truth at all times. Careful driving. Know that the world is your home. Know that you come from the future for this time now.

PISCES: You will move into a planning stage, designing agendas, creating lists, sorting and tending and organizing. You have begun to share with others your ideas, thoughts, teachings so everyone can have access to the big picture of life. You offer all that you have. In return many seek connections with you. You seek to expand networks, improve communications. The future comes to meet you. Your home life changes.

What Do We Value?

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