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8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Oct. 19 (Friday) Haunted Happy Hour — With Bud Steed, author, paranormal investigator and explorer of strange and lost legends, 6:30-8 p.m., Clayton House museum in Fort Smith. $15. 783-3000.

Male Call

Footwear rules that’ll make you a fashion “shoe-in”

Q I’ve always been told that men should not wear brown shoes with a blue or a black suit, that you should wear only black shoes. Yet I see a

Family Friendly

‘Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night

Halloween fun runs gamut from sweets to scares LARA JO HIGHTOWER Whether you’re after sweets or screams, our Halloween round-up has the event you’ve been searching for. Happy Hauntings!

Cover Story

‘She Kills Monsters’

UA play takes on real life within magical realm BECCA MARTIN-BROWN “But this story remains. And isn’t that essentially all that life is — a collection of stories? This


At The End Of The Tunnel

Hopeless situation gives hopeful voice to actors LARA JO HIGHTOWER Diversity, notes Kimille Howard, director of TheatreSquared’s production of Dominique Morisseau’s “Skeleton Crew,” can be hard to find in

Risa's Astrology

What Do We Value?

We remain for many weeks (till mid-November) under Venus retrograde (in Scorpio, then Libra), reminding us that Venus retrograde is the time to assess our values. We are to focus


No Time Like The Present

Violinist celebrates marriage of musical styles BECCA MARTIN-BROWN He just won the 2018 Leonard Bernstein Award. He performs solo and with one of the most innovative trios currently touring.

Advice Goddess

Here We Glow Again

Here We Glow Again My friends tease me, saying that I’m such an obnoxious jerk, but amazingly, everybody seems to love me. Somebody said it’s because I have charisma —

'Tis the Season

Back In Time

Ghost Walks more about tales than terror BECCA MARTIN-BROWN Because they happen at Halloween, Ashley Sayers admits she prefers telling tales of “murder, mischief and tragedy” during the Rogers

In The News

Better Or Worse?

Residents, council disagree on change in zoning STACY RYBURN An approved rezoning falls in line with the city’s land use plans and likely won’t adversely affect the lives of