What price freedom?

The recent news about censorship by the tech giants & now the news that banks are being asked to share everyone’s banking information has humanity at a place of danger and on the razor’s edge. These recent acts of intrusion have me asking…how did we get here? How did this happen? What does this portend? What are our responses? What shall we do? A controlling agenda being forced upon humanity keeps us in a rigid mindset. Without freedom of speech we have nonaccess to different voices and perceptions. Internet technology can be used to help humanity or to control humanity. At present, it seems the latter has taken hold.

It is good to review these issues, asking what can we do to maintain our freedoms. Reviewing is a retrograde task. And so, in this potent retrograde season we can work with the planets that are retrograde. Reviewing and assessing….What is hurting (Chiron) us? What shall we do (Mars). Are the social media (Mercury) platforms helping us. What structures (Saturn) need eliminating and/or adapting. What changes (Uranus) are needed. What is to be dissolved (Neptune, eclipses). And how do we transform (Pluto).

In this last week of Leo, under the blue-white star of Sirius (star of freedom) we are reminded that the United States was created as an experiment in freedom. Sirius, via Leo & Regulus (heart of Leo & the Law Giver), rules the United States. Thus the U.S remains the lodestone of freedom for the entire world. Especially in this time of the Kali Yuga (the darkness is seen) when freedoms are being challenged. These challenges are occurring so humanity awakens, takes a stand and makes a choice. Freedom is the Keynote of all Disciples. Freedom is the heart and soul of Aquarius.

ARIES: Things unconscious and habitual come to consciousness to be released. All things private will be reviewed, especially your feeling about religion, spirituality, helping others, being anonymous and behind the scenes or being front and center initiating world realities. Anything secret will be exposed to the light. Nothing’s private anymore and everything is being shaken up. Prepare for interesting experiences ahead.

TAURUS: Your circle of friends listen intently to your carefully researched information. They begin to study what you share. They know we must now begin to create all things new. However, a review beforehand is necessary so that the successes of the past can provide a foundation for the future. The new world is based upon the needs of humanity and envisioning a new way of living. These are the Aquarian era requirements. You are one of its teachers.

GEMINI: There’s a feeling of “been here, done that” and that “isn’t this over yet?” I guess not. There’s a review occurring with your life. You want to be free of the past and all hindrances. However the past hasn’t revealed all of its secrets yet. More of your talents, your approach to the world and dedication and serving need more self-discovery. You will need patience to get through the coming months. Prayers, too. From your pain and sacrifices, everyone’s liberated.

CANCER: Will you be traveling unexpectedly? Perhaps travel is already planned. Know something unexpected will occur providing you with a sense of freedom, liberation from difficult feelings, past beliefs, and that ongoing sense of limitation. Notice as you think differently, those that you meet are also different. Tradition is cast to the winds as you begin to cherish and welcome the unconventional. It’s time to resume a previous study.

LEO: It’s a good idea to tend to money and resources with extra care as something could occur that’s unexpected, especially with shared resources. Keep up with all legal matters – taxes, loans, debt. If not taken care of, pleasure and ease could be limited and expenditures multiply. Something unplanned, experimental and unusual will take place. For the good. Maintain balance each day through acts of Goodwill which create Right Relations.

VIRGO: When interactions or relationships seem confusing or difficult, choose to walk away and ponder upon the situation. Cooperation is needed to understand appropriate actions and how to respond when everything feels limiting. Explore ways that bring about wonder instead of boredom. Explore the impossible, impractical, the unattainable and the unachievable. The outcomes are unexpected.

LIBRA: The habitual, regular, normal, consistent, orderly and routine in daily life, work and relationships all of a sudden change. What’s confining will be liberated, including ideas and beliefs, separations and love that in blocked. You might feel restless. A new rhythm is seeking you. Consider alternative methods of healing – laser light, energetic medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture. Eventually only holistic healing methods will make sense.

SCORPIO: More and more you find yourself thinking unconventional thoughts, doing out of the ordinary activities that actually begin to describe who you really are and provide you with freedom of expression. It would be good to tell close friends and family that you’re moving into an unusual, original, perhaps eccentric period of creative living. It’s also a time of seeking more amusement, fun, games, playfulness. Unusual attractions occur, too.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll return to an earlier interest, work, theme concerning family and home seeing how your history and early life interface with and influence your present. Don’t be surprised if home life is somehow disrupted, if time speeds up and slows down (like the tides), if routines keep changing, if decisions are quickly called for while patience dwindles. Hold all these things within a spirit of understanding that there’s no more normal, anywhere. For everyone, especially you, this is preparation.

CAPRICORN: A return to a previous place with people previously known has, is or will be happening. You return to a neighborhood from long ago, or think about it to better understand that time in your life. You need new realities, ideas, fields of study, concepts that expose you to the future. Seeking new routines, you might dress, think, relate and express yourself differently. A new life-pattern comes forth. Read Christopher Alexander’s “A Pattern Language.”

AQUARIUS: You are awakening to the fact that you are of great value, something not realized before to any depth. As thoughts of self as valuable increase, all your values change. Without a sense of self-confidence firmly established there is less forward movement because the self doesn’t know what to choose or how to take action. This too will change. Reflect upon what you want your future to look like. Take special care of your health. This last choice is practical.

PISCES: In the next months and years there will be a greater break from all things (ideas, beliefs, memories, sadness, fears) that have hindered your freedom, self-identity, creativity and self-expression. You trusted others to have your interests at heart. However, you found this wasn’t possible. An awakening is occurring informing you to be strong and make decisions about and for yourself, and to change your image to that of successful and thriving. You can do this.

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