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Aug. 31 Momma’s Boy — 9 p.m., with The Wirms, and Tennis Club. Backspace, Fayetteville. $5. Rozenbridge — 7 p.m., Bike Rack Brewing Co., Bentonville. Drawing Blanks — 8 p.m.,

Making Ripples

Appreciating Otters

Critters making a comeback in Arkansas waters AMANDA BANCROFT Making Ripples One of our most playful Arkansas residents is the river otter. There is something caricature-esque about them, with their

Risa's Astrology

Burning Man – Build Together, Burn, Dismantle & Leave No Trace

We are in the time of orderly, discerning and disciplined Virgo, sign of new and higher states of awareness. And always Virgo is just in time for Burning Man (Monday,

Cover Story

The Sound of Hope

Musician spreads wings and message with new project JOCELYN MURPHY “No matter what you’re going through, I wanted people to just have a song they could listen to and

In The News

Seeking Peace

Patients hesitate to enter hospice, neglect benefits ANDREA JOHNSON Laney Morriss knew at about age 44 where she wanted to die, her sister said. If possible, Morriss wanted to


Kyya Chocolate to open Bentonville store

ALEX GOLDEN BENTONVILLE — If you’ve spent considerable time in Northwest Arkansas coffee shops, you may recognize the all-capital lettering of the Kyya logo up against typically bold patterns —

Maker Space

Bassoonist’s Balance

Music and community important to musician LARA JO HIGHTOWER Lia Uribe’s career is an example of what can happen when someone finds her passion early. Uribe is an assistant


Making Everyone Welcome

APO plans season, kids’ club to appeal to families BECCA MARTIN-BROWN You’re never too young for classical music. At least, that’s what Jason Miller believes. And as executive director

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Aug. 31 (Friday) Music on the Square — With musical duo Brick Fields at 8 p.m., preceded by the Ozark River Ramblers at 7 p.m., on the square in Kingston.

Advice Goddess

Mock Love To Me and Pitch-Slapped

Mock Love To Me My boyfriend has this irritating habit of making fun of my outfits or my spray tan. When I get upset, he says I’m being “sensitive.” I