Approaching Gratitude

Autumn is quickly approaching, with its many festivals of light. It’s only weeks now till Autumn Equinox, another summer passing, another season of light approaching. Notice the word “approach”, as in Spiritual Approach, one of the Laws of the Aquarian Age. To “approach” means to “come closer.” The eclipse supported this Aquarian Law. Asking us to approach each other not in the old ways of separation and intolerance, but with knowledge of our essential spiritual divinity. At each new age, humanity is given new guidelines. The Aquarian Age has six guidelines (Laws & Principles) to follow. One is “Spiritual Approach.”

The first weeks of September, (Sept. 1 – 10) Mercury retrogrades moves back to the Leo 28-29 eclipse degree. A reminder – the essential things we have depended upon continue to fall away, no longer available or useful to us. And that, by force of the cosmos & the new age of livingness, all things new will come forth. Aware of this, we wait and see. Knowing this, we are prepared.

Monday is Labor Day. We offer our gratitude to all kingdoms (human, animal, plant, mineral) who labor daily for us. This is their “approach” to us. How will we show our gratitude?

Tuesday, Mercury in Leo is still in the sky, preparing in three days to move forward again. Tuesday may feel very nebulous, floaty, watery, other-worldly and confusing for everyone. Moon is in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) and the Sun, Venus and moon will interact with Neptune. And Mars (action!) is shifting into Virgo! We may not know where we are, why we are, or where we (or others) are going! We’ll wait and see once again.

Tuesday, we prepare for Wednesday’s early morning hours full moon, solar festival, 14 degrees Virgo. “In Virgo two lights are seen. One waxing (the Soul), one waning (the personality).” We are both those lights. And more.


ARIES: Visiting both the past and future you’re encouraged to be more spontaneous and radical than usual. You want everything to be new again. Off you go to places unfamiliar and unusual, where curious things occur and friends appear and communication happens and travel (short distance), too, and then you become more creative and this stays around for a while. Then the tests appear. Stay attuned.

TAURUS: Often you don’t know where your money is, where it’s coming from or when, and you think you should be more careful and for a moment you are (with money, finances, resources). And really you have more than you think but you’re holding onto things that could be used for other purposes. You talk some about money. But usually you’re silent. That’s lonely. Your relationship needs tending, too.

GEMINI: Usually you speak in paradox displaying duality, in humorous metaphors and sometimes people don’t understand you, your message (its meaning) or your humor. Many don’t know you. During and after Mercury retrograde times something different occurs. Your heart opens. We hear you speaking heart-felt words – what you love and need, how you feel, whom you’re missing. It’s only for a moment. So, we’re listening carefully.

CANCER: This is either a time of spiritual insights and midnight dreams or days of confusion, bewilderment, puzzlement, mystification and uncertainty. Consider both as interesting, the latter more uncomfortable yet providing great insights. Help family to organize their lives so they better navigate their future. No matter the circumstances you’ve always been “good enough” (excellent) parent.

LEO: It’s important to acknowledge your intelligence & intuition. It’s important to join with others who see your brilliant gifts, vast array of knowledge, collected and experienced over years. It’s important to be recognized for your care of the kingdoms (land, soil, minerals, plants, animals, bees, humans, angels). When you give of yourself to others, more resources and gifts become available. Venus enters your sign. Love happens.

VIRGO: Your life becomes both internally and externally busy. You need energy to meet demands made by Mars and Mercury, your ruler. Self-reliance, self-confidence and personal achievements will emerge in the coming weeks. Revelations appear if you identify yourself with the qualities of Ceres, the harvest maiden, tending to nature, planting bitter greens (parsley, kale & arugula) and chrysanthemums. Preparing now for autumn.

LIBRA: It’s a good time to consider the quality of your spiritual life. And how to be more caring and nurturing at work. Many variables show up in your work world, this and that, here and there. Visualize yourself confident and poised in the middle of all work realities. You may encounter a past situation. Be ethical at work; allow nothing to interfere with this. At home, it’s important for health reasons to rest more. In relationship, be the eternal flame.

SCORPIO: So often you wonder what your goals are, what you would like in the future, what friends would be good for you, and what objectives you want accomplished in the near future. Whenever there’s an opportunity to be with others step into that group, radiate your special mysterious charm and see what occurs. Whatever you desire eventually appears. It’s an interesting Scorpio situation. For best results, discern between wants and needs beforehand.

SAGITTARIUS: Professionally you’ve been completing previous agendas and plans. So often, with Saturn in Sag, you have felt restricted, seeing no open road ahead. Other times, joy and elated. Now a new impulse of energy comes forth. You may be asked to accomplish special tasks, something important is offered or appears. Do not allow any power plays to be acted out. Don’t play the game. Be inspired by beauty instead. By travel, new vistas. A dream.

CAPRICORN: Consider new creative projects and travel to unusual places. There has been great emphasis on home and daily life, gathering family together, planning dinners and outings, preparing loved ones to step into the world. You’re good at educating and enlightening others. You want different experiences now. Remember, you’re in a state of transformation. Prepare your Halloween garden.

AQUARIUS: Pleasure, happiness and fun are important, especially with friends and relationships. You know everyone, everyone knows you – everyone’s an acquaintance. That’s the Aquarian task, to know all of humanity. There may be a concern about money. Know that all will be well if you are careful, buying only what is needed. Travel is needed Tithing, too, is important. When we give, it’s returned to us tenfold.

PISCES: Multiple events occur; upheavals, windfalls, joy, disappointment, stability, instability, wounds hurting and healing. You may be upset when remembering past actions. Relationships feel conflictual, partners having different needs. Both sides are equal. Both have equal needs. Like a rainstorm, conflict cleanses and clears the air. Harmony emerging after conflict. You must choose to see both sides. It takes courage. For often “we only know in part.” (Corinthians)

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