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Making Ripples

Found In Funny Places — Making Ripples

Visiting wildlife a treat for some, terror for others A black bear on the porch. Tree frogs found in the mailbox. Beavers in the spring house and porcupines in the

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The Play’s The Thing All Over NWA Stages

University Theatre has been bringing student productions to the public for 67 — yes, 67 — years and in 2018, adds a second performance space on the Fayetteville square. But

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Second-Hand Finds Are First Rate In Fayetteville

  When you’re ready to get rid of the bare white walls and cinder block shelves, don’t spend a bundle on brand new furniture — in the last 10 years,

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Local Venues Deliver Music To The Ears

Perfectly situated between Tulsa and Memphis, Kansas City and Dallas, Northwest Arkansas may not have the biggest cities, but it’s drawing more and more performers as they travel the country

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The Great Outdoors Is As Close As Downtown

You can’t study all the time! At some point, you’re going to need some clean, fresh Arkansas air to help clear the cobwebs out of your head. Try these beautiful


Wake Up And Smell These Coffee Shops

LARA JO HIGHTOWER Coffee fans — or fiends — rejoice! Fayetteville is up to its eyeballs in independent coffee shops. You can’t go wrong by choosing any of these

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Pieces Of Present, Past Combine in Museums, Galleries

Just because the great crystal giant is the big kid on the block, don’t think American art is all Northwest Arkansas has to offer. There’s a wide variety of both

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Book Clubs Leave The Library For Beer, Brews

Libraries aren’t just for books anymore, of course. The Fayetteville Public Library does Books & Brews across town at Core Brewing Co. on Mall Avenue. But a few other book

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Orchestras Offer The Classics Plus The Unexpected

You might know Northwest Arkansas as the home of George’s Majestic Lounge and the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion. And that might be enough. But the region also boasts three professional

Advice Goddess

Fight Or Flight — Advice Goddess

Stressed? Men need to zone out, women need to talk it out When my husband comes home from a stressful day at work, he likes to play shoot-‘em-up games on