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Gone To The Dogs

Slip-n-slide supports canine cause Taking a trip down a 1,000-foot slip-n-slide on Dickson Street this Sunday could help a veteran suffering from PTSD get the furry, four-legged companion he needs

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Saturn: Teacher, Guardian, Time-Keeper – Risa's Horoscopes

All the planets at one time or another turn retrograde creating an inward-focused time. At present, Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Juno and Chiron are retrograde. During retrograde times we confront

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Where Are They Now?

Arkansas roots lift Gorhams to Oklahoma Hall of Fame Ever wonder where someone is now? So did we. A new feature — titled “Where Are They Now?” — will reconnect

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Today (8-24) Clint Scrivner — After 5 Bar, Rogers. Kassi Moe — Dickson Street Pub, Fayetteville. Rick Atha — Foghorn’s on Green Acres, Fayetteville. Tom Bryant — Foghorn’s on W.

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Going Off The Grid – Making Ripples

Consider every option before choosing what fits   There are many ways to technically go “off-grid,” including complete social isolation, avoidance of banks, separation from our smartphones, refusal to use

Advice Goddess

Couch-Hard Abs – Advice Goddess

Wife wants husband to sweat for her My husband has a great body, but since we got married two years ago, he has completely stopped working out. One reason I

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‘Lettuce’ Fill Your Senses

For seven years, organizers of the Fayetteville Roots Festival have adeptly demonstrated how a successful festival can come together with equal parts music, food and free community programming. Each pillar

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8 Days a Week

Thursday (8/24) Author Talk — With Talya Tate Boerner, author of “The Accidental Salvation of Gracie Lee,” 5:30 p.m., Boone County Library in Harrison. Free. 870-741-5913. Opening Reception — For

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Squirrels, Beware

Ray Wylie Hubbard to ‘Tell the Devil’ in Arkansas I run over squirrel in Arkansas … The opening line of “Lucifer and the Fallen Angels” on Ray Wylie Hubbard’s latest

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Art Imitates Environment

‘It’s all about the connections between humans, universe’ A group of spectators gathered with Argentinian artist Marina Zumi across the street from her mural on West Avenue to catch a