Leo-Sirius Festival – the Heart of All That Matters

Monday, August 7, is a lunar eclipse, full moon (15.25 degrees Leo) and the Leo/Sirius Festival. At lunar eclipses, something in our outer material world disappears, it’s work complete. Leo is always the heart of the matter. During the month of Leo, love streams forth from the blue star Sirius to the heart of the Sun and into all hearts on our planet. Everywhere, the golden lotus petals of the heart, twelve in all, begin to unfold.

It is in the heart where the inner and the outer worlds meet. Like the color green (Earth) blending with violet (the etheric), here the visible becomes the invisible. In the heart is the Life Thread (Sutratma). The heart is the anchoring point of electric fire, a point of Love, the “Jewel in the Lotus.” At this Festival, the New Group of World Servers makes contact with Sirian Force. Sirius, the blue-white star where Love originates.

The great Avatars, Masonry, the Hierarchy and all evolutionary energies originate from Sirius, the brightest star in our heavens. Sirius streams through Regulus (the Lawmaker), the heart of the Lion. The Leo-Sirius connection is central to humanity’s spiritual evolution and the building of the new unifying world religion.

During the Sirius-Leo Cosmic Festival, the Soul light within us becomes aware of the Spiritual light emanating from Sirius. This great Sirian light offers humanity a direct pathway to the heart of God. And new opportunities to build the Aquarian culture and civilization. Jupiter is the heart lotus (unfolded chakra) unfolding within us the Love/Wisdom needed for the Aquarian Age. An open heart and mind, with intention, helps us make contact with Sirius. The heart of all that matters.


ARIES: There may be that tug-of-war in all interactions – with intimates, close family, partners and friends. A new creative cycle begins in all relationships. Love and equality will be needed by and for everyone. You can help this occur by offering freedom, the result of unconditional love. With children, freedom is offered through loving disciplines and intelligent structures. Like Montessori. A question for you to ask yourself is, ”How can I love more?”

TAURUS: It is time to begin a new cycle of planning, new structure and new goals concerning your health, daily work and interactions with co-workers. Each day, it seems there’s a change or emergency. Adaptation is needed. It’s important to know everyone is always in service. Articulate this so everyone understands. New skills will be developed as new opportunities come forth. Family resources need tending.

GEMINI: Jupiter in your house of creativity calls you to greater self-expression along with “being more of love than of everything”, all of which prepares everyone around you for the unexpected future. Mercury, your very own planet, retrogrades mid-August. You (everyone) will assume the qualities of Virgo, pondering upon things deeply, especially your communication. You must communicate creatively, with love and wisdom.

CANCER: You ponder upon home and family, partners and parents. You remember early childhood years and wonder if there was love enough for you to thrive. You consider what you are doing where you presently live and if you are to expand from there. You seek a more abundant foundation. You want to live, work and garden in a true community. You need a Gate to walk through, a sense of leadership to lead with and rose bushes.

LEO: Do all your environments need tending? Walk through the rooms of your home to see what care and upkeep they need. Be in touch with siblings, family and relatives, creating a deeper level of communication. If this week is your birthday, talk with your angels. They want to help you navigate the new times to come and direct you to the Raincloud of Knowable Things.

VIRGO: If you listen quietly to your heart and mind and observe carefully your daily life and values, you will realize much has changed over the years. You are different now. You no longer maintain previous values. Your values will eventually expand into greater, more mature and responsible levels of harmony toward all. You lovingly serve always. Step more closely to the Path of Return.

LIBRA: Something is occurring in the way you think and in your physical body. Perhaps it’s a health-discipline that will change the shape of your body. Perhaps it’s your self-image where you begin to value yourself and begin to understand your childhood and purpose within the family. Perhaps you’re forced to adopt newer disciplines to maintain a better quality of your life. Whatever is changing, it’s good and loving and purposeful. You are always forgiven.

SCORPIO: Something in your life is being gathered into a bountiful harvest. Perhaps the result of great sorrows or death, perhaps it’s from a realization of all you’ve done and all there is yet to do. Perhaps it’s a gathering of gifts offered to those in need. A great compassion is opening your heart. You realize life isn’t a movie or film. It’s real and you play the leading role. And this life determines your next. A benevolent meditative thought.

SAGITTARIUS: You may soon find yourself going to and fro between old and new. Between previous hopes, wishes and dreams, and new ones. The latter will appear slowly. Some already have. You will also consider what goals, ambitions and views of the world are shifting. You realize you need a new group to work with, new people, creating a new future that better defines your new self. Balance, work with and tend to finances.

CAPRICORN: In the public eye you are a rarity, a person of many gifts and talents. Sometimes you’re not quite fully understood. You bring both a special force and stability to all you do in the world. A new cycle, an expansion begins with your work, and profession, and who you are in the world. There will be more responsibilities, praise, recognition, perhaps a promotion. Allow your intuition to come forth more and more.

AQUARIUS: There are many possibilities for Aquarians in the coming months based upon their states of awareness. Influenced by a new cycle of learning, possible teaching, long and adventurous journeys and for some, the building of the new era community. For all Aquarians, a wider view of reality emerges and this propels you into new areas of work and a different daily life. One you hoped for.

PISCES: It’s good to begin to eliminate what is unnecessary in your life, especially what has not been used in the past many months. This will allow newer, finer energies and resources, infinite and abundant, more appropriate to the coming times, to be available. Be prepared for unexpected losses. But this has been occurring for a while now and you have become somewhat adaptable. Take Ignatia Amara (homeopath) for grief. Learn mudras.

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