Leo – Shining Like Sunlight

Leo is the month in which we praise one another. Recognizing the creative luminous light of purpose within everyone’s life. We seek to discover everyone’s talents, abilities and gifts. We praise them and then everyone’s evolution advances, expands, increases, multiplies & magnifies. We shine like sunlight.

As we praise each other, we gradually cultivate love, a healing tool emanating from the heart of the Sun to our hearts. In Leo we unveil the ability to embrace and hear each other, heart to heart. We realize that crisis and the dark moments actually shape our dreams and visions. We tell each other we are never alone. For we were born in these times and for each other. Each of us an immense force of Love.

All this is revealed when the Sun is in Leo. Leo is the sign of the Soul. When we praise each other unconditionally, we realize we needn’t make ourselves whole again. We are already perfect. And life becomes a continuous unveiling of true identity, experience after experience, crisis after crisis, praise after praise. Praise neutralizes and nourishes.

Praise is our “call” to each other. To discover the most essential meaning in our lives and living this in relationship with self, others, nature, and the planet. Praise helps us develop selfhood. Praise foreshadows and prepares us for the Light of the Soul. Praise unveils the Soul.

ARIES: A few questions based upon looking at your chart. What’s occurring in your work world? Transformation? How are you holding up? What’s happening with relationships and/or marriage? Do you feel committed or uncommitted? How do you see yourself? Are you feeling like a revolution has taken hold of your body, emotions and mind? It has, life’s hard, the world’s changing. Hold on. Love’s underlying everything.

TAURUS: Everyone around you has become a source of support and ideas so that you can become more of yourself. New viewpoints, archetypes, new rhythms, even the consideration of different geographical locations shifts your worldview, tilting it from how and where you grew up into an entirely new vista of thought. Take very special care of your health. Clean and clear your environments.

GEMINI: I often write about devas, light beings, angels, referring to the work at Findhorn. We must begin to work with devas for they build all things in form and matter. Eventually we will work with them directly in creating the new culture and civilization. We must ask to be able to see them. We begin by communicating with them from the heart. Do you have roses? There are rose devas and all types of flower and plant devas. They like you.

CANCER: You’re sensitive and especially during Leo, more than usual. Are you sensing your energy from low to erratic? Rest is needed. Are finances and money concerning you? Do you want to discuss these issues but feel apprehensive? In between all that you do each day, between responsibilities & tasks, the focus must be upon retreat, things contemplative and quiet. You need quiet to heal, actually. Rest your eyes.

LEO: It’s a concentrated fiery time for you, Leo, as three fires from the Sun enter our world. We’re all in the Burning Ground. Leo is the fire from the Sun which makes you very sensitive. You are emerging from behind the scenes in order to offer new ideas presenting them to the world so they are accepted and understood. There’s a light emanating from your heart that people see and sense. Visualize that light with all the Seven Ray colors touching all of life.

VIRGO: Notice if your thoughts are at times in the past then quickly leaping to the future. It’s important to make the present your most important focus. Being in the past or future makes the practicality difficult. Focus on religious and spiritual feelings. So many new thoughts concerning your self-identity occurs in the coming months. Rest and imagine who you might be. Tend to all responsibilities with grace and Goodwill. Make sure all responsibilities are completed with grace and goodwill.

LIBRA: It’s most important to act, dress and present your very best professional self at all times. Make yourself as beautiful and/or as handsome as possible – tailored, conservative, emanating quality, eminence and value. In all that you do, be a guiding light to those around you. A Vesta Light. Observe carefully your partner’s needs and wants. Relationships can quickly become topsy-turvy. Safeguard and stabilize them.

SCORPIO: Do you feel rather awkward? Are things uncomfortable? Are you more than the usual ill-at-ease, out of your depth, self-conscious, discomfited? Things are really unusual this month for some signs ruled by Mars. Don’t turn against yourself or others when difficulties arise. Mars is taking its time in its trajectory forward. Use money wisely. Expect delays. Turn to art, music, good food, and the spirituality of the heart. And understand the Burning Ground.

SAGITTARIUS: All relationships, intimacies, friendships, partnerships, interactions will require on your part a greater sensitivity and awareness. Step back from being the beautiful, smart and glamorous one, the one who brilliantly displays and voices your wounds. Observe others for a while to see if they are feeling sad, overwhelmed or neglected. You will be called to repair, tend to, sustain and maintain all relationships. The reward will be surprising.

CAPRICORN: For the next month it’s good to have young people nearby, good to study something, good to travel, good to tend and care for the neighborhood. For the next year there will be continual transformation and change. All changes will turn to blessings. More and more you will want to explore places unknown, through the written word or travel. Everything that occurs will make you a better, more grace-filled. You will be guided toward a new independence.

AQUARIUS: It’s good to remember happiness and joys shared with others. If you have children or are around them, pay special and attention to them. Seek to know their gifts and support them. It’s good to entertain now, have friends around, sharing food, experiences, ideas, ways to build community. Are you experiencing a more-then-usual need for nurturance and nourishment? Offer this to others. You will help to create something 0 like the new culture and civilization and new sharing society.

PISCES: Traveling and communicating, writing and teaching – many goals will begin to appear in daily life and in dreams. You will feel anxious to move forward into a new life, with new targets and aspirations. Careful with medicines and all drugs. Don’t gamble. Careful with fire and hot things. Mars is moving forward again. Use restlessness and discontent to know it’s time to travel and move about again. Pack lightly. You need much more art and beauty around you.

~Risa – writer, founder & director…

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