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Advice Risa's Astrology

Crab, Scarab, Tortoise, Cherubim & the Family of Man

We are in the month and sign of Cancer. Looking around our world we might see images that pertain to Cancer; crab, scarab, tortoise, gates, waters, mother with child, angels (the Cherubim who protect mothers and children).

Advice Advice Goddess

Skinny Genes

There’s that saying, “You are what you eat.” Apparently, your girlfriend ate a supermodel.


Abstract Realism: William McNamara Paintings to be Featured at Arsaga’s Throughout July

William McNamara specializes in a type of watercolor painting that almost look like photo-realistic.


The Video Game As Art

Video games, for decades, were not considered to be art and were considered no more expressive than a pinball machine.


ArkansasStaged Production Explores ‘What Makes Art, Art?’

From the theatre company that brought you Venus In Fur comes Art, a play that delves into what makes something worthy of being called “art.”

Making Ripples

The Mystery Of Baby Box Turtles

That little turtle you just passed on the way to work may be older than you.


On Islam and ISIS

Ramadan ended this Tuesday, something the majority of Americans are likely unaware of, or simply don’t care about.


Prince: An Appreciation

What a way to hit the scene and defy what people believed to be the standard for rock ‘n’ roll!

Family Friendly

Dog Friendly Fayetteville: Pet Crafting 101

Dog Friendly Fayetteville: Pet Crafting 101