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Risa's Astrology

Leo – Shining Like Sunlight

Leo is the month in which we praise one another. Recognizing the creative luminous light of purpose within everyone’s life.

Legacy Archive

Break-In: The Kremlin-Trump Connection

Richard Nixon had “The Plumbers.” Donald Trump, it seems, has the Russians—either the FSB (Federal Security Service, formerly the KGB), the GRU (military intelligence), or some pro-Moscow outside group.


Review: “Turn to Gold” by Diarrhea Planet

The album demonstrates a richness to their sound and certainly will provide a new depth to their live sets. There are enough substantial, beautiful sounding moments on this album to give it something worth diving into.


Political Circuses Show Stark Difference

The political party conventions are truly some of the strangest circuses. I’m not so sure there’s much to be especially excited about either party this year.

Making Ripples

Tools to Create Ripples for People and Planet

Sometimes doing good is free. Employing skills like great communication and critical thinking, empathizing with other humans and non-humans, and centering our actions in love and friendship are just a few concepts that are free to use.


Fayetteville Author Pens Giggle Fest Look at American Culture

One of Fayetteville’s greatest hidden treasures is a magical creature named Doug Shields, author of Benjamin Golden Devilhorns, an incredibly witty collection of short stories.

Cover Story

Local Conference Seeks to Empower Creatives’ Business Skills

For many artists, musicians, creatives of any sort, there’s always been a stigma associated with their line of work: if they aren’t famous, they’re a starving artist.


Bojack Horseman Delivers A Stellar Third Season

Bojack Horseman, the strange animated show from Netflix about a world where homo sapiens exist alongside anthropomorphized, walking, talking animals.