Venus, Evening Star, Calling Us to Vespers

On Thursday, July 14, Venus becomes the Evening Star in our night sky. setting a few hours after sunset. Venus remains a bright glittering “star” until December 31, the last day of 2016. We know Venus is a planet (inside our solar system & reflecting the Sun’s light) and not a star (generating its own light). But “star” to the ancient seers meant “a bright point of light in the sky.” Planets ‘wander” (move about). Stars, being “fixed”, don’t.

Venus, bright and dazzling, sometimes shines 15 times brighter than our brightest star Sirius. On some moonless nights, the bright light of Venus can cast shadows. Only Sun & moon, brighter than Venus, can cast shadows.

Venus has no moons or rings, and is esoterically referred to as “Earth’s elder sister.” Our God, Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days (Bible, Book of Daniel,l 7:9) came from Venus. Slightly smaller than the earth, Venus is covered with thick clouds that reflect sunlight. Mayan astronomers had accurate knowledge of the motion of Venus. They knew when Venus would appear in the east, after disappearing in the west. Venus, the morning star, was the patron planet of warfare. The Aztecs, also knowing of Venus, performed rituals when Venus aligned with the Pleiades.

Thinking Venus was two separate starry object, the Greeks named the morning star Phosphoros, “bringer of light”; and the evening star Hesperos, “star of the evening”. A few hundred years later, the Hellenistic Greeks realized Venus was a single “star”.

Venus as evening star has many names. Shining brightly after sunset, Venus is called “star of dusk”, “He′sperus” (Hesperos) and “Vespers” – “light coming at Vespers” (calling us to evening prayer or evensong). On the night of July 15 (Friday), Mercury joins Venus, both in Leo, in the sky at twilight.

ARIES: You may attract all sorts of love, attention, dramatic and passionate situations and invitations to the arts. To others you look romantic and available. Self-expression becomes important because your creative abilities are emerging in abundance. Everything’s so exaggerated all the time. But know it’s only for a short time. Reveal your heart. Be a blessing to everyone.

TAURUS: You’re truly the harmony within the conflicts and chaos of our times. Although love is deeply felt, you may only express it through one of the arts or music. Take up a visual art, like drawing or painting. There’s an ending to many matters of the past. You work towards this ending. It’s a clearing. Then your next life adventure begins.

GEMINI: Venus is your Soul ruler. What does that mean? Gemini flows to us through Mercury if we are building our personality. Mercury creates the conflicts we learn to harmonize. When our personality is directed by the Soul, Gemini flows to us through Venus which lends unity, balance and scientific study to your mind. You see everything as equal and learn to see yourself as valuable.

CANCER: Money and how you value and use money becomes a focus. You’re concerned often with finances. Venus is attracting comfort, a sense of pleasure and ease with money and material resources. It’s important to visit galleries, view art and artifacts, fine and beautiful things, luxurious items that create material comfort. You don’t have to purchase them. But look at them. They uplift your usual serious spirits and offer you peace of mind.

LEO: Work closely and offer personal attention to those around you. As you do, the love deeply hidden in your heart will begin to come forth. People will find you more friendly and charming than usual. Leos need this recognition of their love and goodness all the time. Are you using your creative abilities, offering your gifts of beauty, taste, discrimination, ease of knowledge and natural grace to others? Are you painting?

VIRGO: Compassion and understanding become great forces that impel you to help others in need. You understand the problems and difficulties humanity experiences. You want to help and to save. There are some things in your life, like emotions and feelings, that are hidden away from everyone. This, you sense, is for protection. Know that the angels surround, listen to and protect you.

LIBRA: It’s with friends, social circles, groups and organizations where Libra finds identity. You need to feel a sense of belonging and to offer and receive group support in all endeavors. Everyone who loves you wants to help manifest your visions and dreams. What are those dreams and vision? You need intelligent and artistic people and those who understand and act upon altruistic goals. You are the first humanitarian.

SCORPIO: You’re learning how to contribute talents and gifts to the world. You’re a role model, guide and mentor to others. At times Scorpio must go into hiding. Other times we must emerge and do our part. This is your emerging time. People above honor you. They play out the parts of parents, figures who discipline us. You do your part being strong and successful and learning kindness.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re searching for the truth everywhere about yourself and who you’ve become. As our consciousness expands, we seek outside of ourselves like-minded ideas, people, philosophies, etc., building a bridge between ourselves and the world. seeking places where our ethics, visions, sense of justice and adventure intersect. We cannot accept limits or anything conventional. Knowledge is synthesizing into wisdom.

CAPRICORN: On a very subtle level notice if you are seeking to unify with others, to walk in their shoes (know their experiences). Notice if you feel the need to resurrect, to redeem to release something in order to have more freedom. Perhaps you are reflecting the needs of humanity also seeking freedom. Things financial may occupy your mind – inheritances, legacies, resources held in common with others. Relationships seek depth and intimacy. You allow for nothing superficial.

AQUARIUS: As you relate to others in your world, notice that you are becoming more and more aware of intimacy, closeness in relationships and even lack of closeness. You seek more depth in one-on-one interactions. You’re attracted to intelligent quick-witted people. You understand the young ones. You love to communicate new ideas, the future, and all things pertaining to energy. You realize projection doesn’t work. It’s not beneficial at this time to be alone.

PISCES: Life at times feels critical with self-adjustment, work, health and nutrition. Daily routines have been changing. Perhaps even a small pet entered your life unexpectedly. In terms of food, refrain from starches, simply carbohydrates and all sugars. You need support from others. You seek a complete change in daily life and an expansion of your gifts. Find and read the “Prayer of Jabez.” Follow the instructions.

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