Be(ing) of Love (a little) More Careful

Wednesday (Feb. 10) is Ash Wednesday when Lent begins. Friday (Feb. 12) is Lincoln’s 2007th birthday. Sunday is Valentines Day. On Ash Wednesday, foreheads marked with a cross of ashes, we hear the words, “From dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return.” Reminding us our bodies, made of matter, will remain here on Earth when we are ‘called back.’ It is our Soul that will take us home again (returning to our originsm the Father’s House). Lent offers us forty days and nights of purification in preparation for the Resurrection (Easter) festival (an Initiation) and for the Three Spring Festivals (at the time of the full moon) – Aries, Taurus, Gemini. The New Group of World Servers have been preparing since Winter Solstice.

The number 40 is significant. The Christ (Pisces World Teacher) was in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights prior to His three-year ministry. The purpose of this desert exile was to prepare his Archangelic (light) body to withstand the pressures of the Earth plane (form and matter). We, too, in our intentional purifications and prayers during the 40 days of Lent, prepare ourselves (physical body, emotions, lower mind) to receive and be able to withstand the irradiation of Will, Love/Wisdom and Light streaming into the Earth at Spring Equinox, Easter, and the Three Spiritual Festivals.

What is Lent? Anglo-Saxon word, lencten, ancient spring festival, agricultural rites marking the transition between winter and summer. The seasons reflect changes in nature (physical world) and humanity responds with social festivals of gratitude and of renewal. There is a purification process, prayerfulness in nature and in humanity in preparation for a great downflow of Spiritual energies during Springtime.

Valentine’s Day – Aquarius Sun, Taurus moon. Let us offer gifts of comfort, ease, harmony, beauty and satisfaction. Things chocolate and golden. Venus Taurus things. Remembering to “be of love (a little) more careful than of anything.” (e.e. cummings).

ARIES: Do you feel free, loved, cared for, alive or restricted in groups? Consider your group experiences in the past. The Aquarian Age is the Age of Groups working together. No more individuals. This new group reality is being formed worldwide. The first formed Aquarian Group was/is the New Group of World Servers. Everyone is invited to join. There are guidelines, rules of service. You need a group to initiate the building of the new world. You’re one of the leaders.

TAURUS: The same words written for Aries apply to all of us and especially to Taurus. The energies summoning you concern leadership, which you’ve developed over the years yet still hide under a mantle of protection. You’re waiting for right timing. Pallas Athena, the asteroid of intuition is helping you understand your role in the new world. Venus calls you to new lands. New worlds unfold.

GEMINI: It’s good to think about travel, a journey somewhere that leads to new thinking, community, a new way of life, that feels like an adventure It’s important to consider who you would like to live with in community. Community is our future. Geminis gather and distribute information. In your travels, wonderings, wandering, walk-abouts, driving, research, thoughts and readings, share with us all your discoveries.

CANCER: Careful with and observe all communication. There can be too much and/or too little. Be sure to achieve a balance of both. Always communicate from the heart. That is really all that even matters. Allow your shell to lift allowing the sunshine in. The sun will uplift and dissipate all sadnesses and secrets you hold. And heal the separations in your heart, too.

LEO: The Sun, Vesta and Ceres in Aquarius are influencing your relationships. Interactions with others may feel different. Unusual people, places and events may appear. All Leos must step into the future, recognize and cultivate their gifts. And then help create the new realities, the new world, with those gifts. This creates a new state of self-identity, a new focus. A deeper creative one.

VIRGO: You want fun and freedom. You want to expand beyond anything you’ve ever been before. You have a sense of hopefulness knowing a new path is beginning to form taking you into unknown territories. You always have a sense of responsibility and work you feel must be accomplished. Tend first to your complete well-being. Then the rest of life will follow along.

LIBRA: A love affair becomes deeper, more loving…. or difficult. How you celebrate festivities, especially Valentines Day, may differ from how others celebrate. Give always what you always want to receive. Things like love and respect which holds us intact when change comes forth. Be in touch with those who love you. Remember the teachings…”Contact releases Love, and love underlies all happenings in our lives.”

SCORPIO: There’s a focus on home and family. You seek to change something, perhaps family interactions or where you live. Pondering, researching, talking and even “leaving” family assume new meaning. You consider the many families in the world – your biological family, the family you’ve created, families you want to create. Every day family values begin to reflect your true reality. So…who is your family?

SAGITTARIUS: Your mind is on the future. You wonder about your place, identity and work in the world. So much seems unknown. You feel change along with revolution playing itself out wherever you are and in whatever you do. There’s no neutralizer for this, no quick fix. You may be irritable, accepting, adaptive or upset. This will pass. Wait, watch, listen with patience. Make beauty a first choice.

CAPRICORN: Careful with communication. Observe others as you speak. Are they understanding your words and intentions? You may encounter opinions quite different than what you expect. And unexpected communication and depths of feeling. Allow all of this to pass over you. If you must travel, make sure the vehicle traveling in is safe. Choose things simple and comfortable. Transformation’s coming at a fast pace. You’ll keep up.

AQUARIUS: Happy Birthday, Aquarius. Valentines day is very special during Aquarius. When it’s our birthday we shine like the Sun. For Aquarius, everyone is their friend. Except those who don’t understand (and thus are cruel to) Aquarius. Those you stay away. Proceed onward into the future. Let nothing, no ideas or old beliefs, hinder you. You’re the “waters of life for thirsty humanity.”

PISCES: Pisces can feel left behind when Aquarius rushes by. That’s ok for now because Pisces has become reclusive, contemplative, quiet and more private than ever. It is an important spiritual and imaginatively creative time. Dreams and visions and revelations may appear. Remember the nightly review prior to sleep. Review the day, remake what went awry. Then see that the day was good. Write, draw, cut out and paint Valentines. Then send them off. With love.

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