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On The Map Fest 2016 Recap

The organizers of On The Map Fest put on a hell of a good show.


Artists Collaborate for Black Apple Awards Show

On Friday, April 8, Art Amiss and The Idle Class magazine will host the second annual Black Apple Awards event to honor and celebrate Arkansas artists, musicians and creatives.


Q&A: Lee Baines III & The Gloryfires

Lee Baines III is in some ways, an ideal southern gentleman.


The Republicans: Cowardice in High Places

Jeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz. So do Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney. Chris Christie endorses — in fact, practically fawns all over — Donald Trump.

In The News

City Launches New Volunteer Dog Walking Opportunity: Hounds Around Town

Spring is officially here and Fayetteville Animal Services is encouraging citizens to get out and enjoy our town with a furry friend.

In The News

NWA’s First and Only “Cat Cafe” to Open

Fayetteville cat lovers rejoice, we are getting our own special place to hang out with felines and get some purr therapy when “Purr Catfe” officially opens for business on Wednesday, April 6.

Making Ripples

The Truth About Blue Jays

Blue jays tend to evoke strong opinions. “Ya either love ’um or hate ’um.” In truth, these birds are beautiful, fascinating, and aggressive.


Q&A: Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog

Fayetteville will soon be host to one of the best psych-rock bands out there in the biz.

Risa's Astrology

Easter, the Resurrection Festival for Humanity

Wednesday is the Aries Solar Festival (and full moon). It is also a lunar eclipse. Something in form and matter in our lives disappears, no longer needed, having fulfilled its destiny.


One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime

It’s funny that in a show ostensibly about its eponymous hero that Daredevil season two will critically focus on someone altogether different than our horn-headed friend — The Punisher.