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Fayetteville Alderman Rejects Resignation Call After Incident

An incident at a Dickson Street restaurant sparked a widespread cry for conservative Fayetteville City Council member John La Tour to resign.

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We’ll Always Have Parasite

If you had the traditional kind of parasite, you could just put a lit match to its butt.


Wendy Taylor Carlisle to be OPWC’s Featured Writer for March

Twenty-five years ago, a bike accident in New York put Wendy Taylor Carlisle’s son in intensive care, causing her to decamp from her home in Texarkana to be at his side, there, as she told me, to will him to live.

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The Man Behind Baum Field: UA Groundskeeper Wins National Award For Mowing Design

The next time you call the Hogs during a home game at Baum Stadium, be sure to also shout “Woo pig soooie, Winners of the Sports Turf Managers Association’s third annual ‘Mowing Patterns Contest’ — Razorbacks!”

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Real “Easter Bunnies” Across The U.S.

Looking up the history of holiday traditions related to wildlife is as funny (and thought-provoking) as listening to David Sedaris’ work “Jesus Shaves,” a hilarious short piece about students from


Tales of Comparison Multiplied Seven Fold

Erik Larson, the FPL Author Series guest for 2016, is scheduled at the Fayetteville Public Library on Friday, April 1, at 7 p.m.


Freekly Fiction: March 2016

Twins by Antonietta Duke Not one but two. What’s to do?   Two of everything will be twice as hard. Only one bedroom, too, is a wild card.   Somehow

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Springtime in Northwest Arkansas: 7 Awesome Outdoorsy Attractions To Check Out

After an oddly comfortable, but nonetheless cold winter, it’s finally springtime in Northwest Arkansas.


Daredevil Season Two Promises Intensity, Series Questions

“Father, why do I still feel by guilt?” Matthew Murdock, the Devil of Hell’s kitchen, our Daredevil himself, asks his priest during confession.

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Silent Spring No More

It’s been more than 50 years since Rachel Carson published her book Silent Spring in 1962, raising awareness about the harmful impact of DDT, a pesticide, on our ecosystems.