Freekly Fiction: March 2016


by Antonietta Duke

Not one but two.

What’s to do?


Two of everything will be twice as hard.

Only one bedroom, too, is a wild card.


Somehow it just must work.

Don’t feel like a jerk.


We’ll all sleep together and keep each other warm.

At least we’ll be in out of the storm.


One bedroom for us, and another for toys.

That’s how we’ll do it girls and boys!


The Genius

by Mac McFarland

Once there was a genius


in a box of his own design.

( quite a fine box, to be sure, warm and dry, clean and tidy, mine all mine )

He would say,” I’m really fine.”

Alas, it was just talk.

Though he tried and failed for years to break the lock….


one dull day he thought to use the key.





Valentine’s Day Night

by Mac McFarland

She spelled it SARA……with no ‘h’.

The ‘h’ came later… the word “Hell”, as in Iced Blue Hell….that’s where I put myself after her disappearing act. My own fault….I do love those bad girls. ( and Sara was a very bad girl…)

Seven weeks. That was her usual limit with her men. I lasted five. Barely. ( the last two were edgy.) I got off lucky. Lucky I got off.

Sittin’ at the Frisco at the end of the bar. ( Old smuggler habits..always watch the doors and mirrors…) Sippin’ expensive whiskey slowly with obvious intent, I hash it over. I seem to be scabbing over nicely from this small patch of romance road rash, so there should be very little noticeable scarring. (Another patch on the faded Levi’s of my life…man, I just love these ol’ jeans..)

I remember Harry, my ex-rodeo buddy, one foggy redwood night in Boots and Saddles bar in La Honda, (during my recovery from a Wyoming cowgirl disaster ) sympathizing with me. “ Well, Mac, you know what the bullriders say after a bad wreck ?……. ”they say,… ‘Hard On, Hard Off.’”

I used that as my mantra from then on.

This whiskey gives me migraines, so I drink it. I still require a bit of pain as a reminder about wading in a little too deep. Like an old tomcat after a bad brawl, I’ll take my time healing, let some fur grow back….

Here’s one to put in your pocket for next Valentine’s Day:

“Don’t let your puppy love play on the Interstate.” ( good advice I ignore.)

Enough. Drink up…… it’s closing time.

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