Daredevil Season Two Promises Intensity, Series Questions

Daredevil Season Two Promises Intensity, Series Questions

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“Father, why do I still feel by guilt?” Matthew Murdock, the Devil of Hell’s kitchen, our Daredevil himself, asks his priest during confession.

The answer, in Matt’s case is simple: he’s catholic. But in season two of Daredevil, arriving on Netflix in its entirety on Friday, March 18, promises to crush our red-clad hero under the weight of all that guilt. Arriving in the kitchen is Frank Castle, a special-ops, seal-team-six kind of man who has nothing to lose and everything to fight for.

Matt’s questions of morality and the guilt he feels stems not only from his catholic upbringing, but also because he, as Daredevil, never feels like he does enough. When Castle enters the picture, he takes Daredevil’s methods to an extreme.

“You’re one bad day away from being me,” Castle tells him after he’s beaten him on a rooftop.

Frank Castle’s bad day came when his family, wife and children alike, were caught in the crossfire of a mob hit. As Castle held their lifeless bodies in his arms, he vowed to cleanse the city of the scum that plagued it, and do so once and for all. Donning the name Punisher, Castle is not a bad guy, but he certainly doesn’t fit the traditional role of hero. He epitomizes and personifies the anti-hero, and consequently, is destined to butt heads literally and figuratively with our savior from Hell’s Kitchen.

Season one saw Daredevil bring Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin (played unforgettably by Vincent D’onofrio). This year, Matt’s old love and an enemy more ancient and evil than any we’ve seen thus far will face off against Matt as the season’s Big Bad. Elektra, the aforementioned lost love, is a sai-wielding Greek ninja badass with a long history with our hero, and the ancient enemy in question: The Hand.

The Hand is a group of ancient ninja warriors whose clan history dates back eons, but they work with the likes of Red Skull’s HYDRA and are constantly at odds with heroes ranging from the ones mentioned to Wolverine himself, you can bet there isn’t much good. Not much is known on which incarnation of The Hand Daredevil Season 2 will give us, but it’s guaranteed to pose a much bigger threat than Fisk ever did, and that’s saying something.

Returning for the second season are of course Charlie Cox as Matt/Daredevil himself, Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Woll will be returning for their roles as Foggy Nelson and Karen Paige, respectively. Rosario Dawson is also sure to stop by as Claire Temple/Night Nurse; now that she’s appeared in Jessica Jones and been cast in Luke Cage, she is definitely our common thread.

Newcomers to the cast include Jon Bernthal, who played the gradually unhinging Shane on The Walking Dead, is a perfect addition to the cast as the morally grey and steadfastly murderous Punisher. Rounding out our newcomers, for now at least, is Elodie Yung, known for her role as one of Cobra’s bad ninjas in an otherwise forgettable GI Joe movie. However, with ten years karate training as well as mastery of both sword and sai, she will make a fine Elektral.

Daredevil season two hits Netflix the 18th of March, I encourage all my readers to re-watch the first season in preparation, as well as Jessica Jones (but that one is mostly for funsies).

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