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Stifling Academic Freedom, the NRA Way

That conservative forces have long sought to squash dissent and curtail rigorous academic debate on campuses is far from a secret.

Cover Story

Trump, Clinton Take Most Super Tuesday States

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had a successful Super Tuesday.

Making Ripples

Lifestyle Choices Can Change the World

Making a difference means a variety of things to a variety of people.


Heroically R-Rated

“Deadpool” dominated the box office again over the Leap Day weekend, making it the third consecutive week of box office domination for the Little Merc-with-the-Mouth That Could.

Advice Advice Goddess

Having The Time Of Someone Else’s Wife

There are clues to where on the divorce spectrum someone falls, like whether she makes offhand remarks along the lines of “I wish him well, but we weren’t a good match” or “I wish I could leave him tied up in a clearing so something would eat him.”


Rock ‘n’ Roll School Focuses on Performance

Say ch’ello to the brand new music program in Fayetteville.


Whole Foods Grocery Now Open

After about a year and a half of construction — and a delay to expand it — Whole Foods in Fayetteville is finally open.

Advice Risa's Astrology

We Leave the Father’s House & Turning Back, We Save

The above words are the seed thoughts of Pisces recited by the New Group of World Servers during Pisces and especially at Tuesday evening’s Pisces new moon festival.