Easter, the Resurrection Festival for Humanity

Wednesday is the Aries Solar Festival (and full moon). It is also a lunar eclipse. Something in form and matter in our lives disappears, no longer needed, having fulfilled its destiny. The New Group of World Servers everywhere is celebrating this Festival which recognizes the Love of God and the work of the Hierarchy — inner world government. We recite the Great Invocation today, Wednesday, and all week long during this Passion Week.

Thursday is Purim (Hebrew festival of Lights). In Christian churches it is Holy Thursday — the evening of the Last Supper with Christ (Pisces and Aquarius World Teacher) and his “students” (disciples). On this night Christ instituted the priesthood and Holy Eucharist, the new dispensation (Law for the Pisces Age). “No more blood sacrifice”, the Christ said. Substituting the grape (signifying blood) and wheat to make bread (form and matter, the body).

Good Friday was (is) the Crucifixion, the 4th Initiation, the Great Renunciation. Christ Jesus, at the moment of death, “rent the veil” (opened the closed door) that kept humanity from returning home again (Spirit).

Holy Saturday, all candles are extinguished in the church, there is no light. The Christ is in the “tomb of matter”, the underworld, releasing the earth spirits from their imprisonment (Involutionary path into form and matter). Humanity is released also.

Sunday is Easter (always after the full moon), the Festival of Resurrection for humanity, a festival of Love and of new “resurrected” life. All of nature knows this. This week’s events depict the Initiations (tests and trials) that Christ underwent. They are humanity’s Initiations also. After each “initiation” we are resurrected into greater and greater Light and understanding. This is the inner esoteric explanation of Easter.

ARIES: Past abilities and gifts emerge in your daily life. There are many and they are good. Wounds go into hiding, secreting away for awhile. Tend with mindfulness on all daily tasks especially if traveling. Responsibilities increase as the month unfolds. Love increases too. Find Taurus people. Sit and talk with them. They comfort you. Careful with money. Be prudent with money while also constantly tithing and sharing.

TAURUS: In these present times, when a reorientation is occurring, when our world as we know it may one day slow to a halt and how we’ve lived isn’t available anymore, you are very aware of how to prepare for life on the edge, life without comforts, and still maintain the Art of Living. Continue with research on what makes life livable. It’s time to gather the materials for a greenhouse. Old wood framed glass windows will do.

GEMINI: Home and work simultaneously call you to. And in both places you must do your very focused best. Two directions imply a here and an “over there ness,” – an opposition. Which creates at first much resistance. Then, later, acceptance and a blending of the two. How can this occur? The astrology shows that your intuition (Pallas Athena in Aquarius) is very active and willing to bring forth synthesis. Ask more, wait for subtle quiet answers. Take time off.

CANCER: If you are experiencing inflammation and pain, know that of Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. Preparing and eating East Indian (or ayurvedic) foods are best for healing and digestion. Indian spices have health benefits: cayenne for warmth; coriander, also for inflammation, contains magnesium; cumin aids in digestion; chiles have Vitamin C. Dry roast spices first then sizzle them in ghee (clarified butter). These are nurturing North Node in Virgo, Mars in Sag health tips.

LEO: Tending to self is your Easter season task. How is your relationship with family? Is there contact, communication and emotional support? It seems many things from the past remain behind the scenes, somewhat hidden away. You can no longer stay hidden. You are Vesta now, the light of life for others. Vesta is the found object of self. I suggest this yearly to different signs. Create a Vesta treasure box. It becomes your art form.

VIRGO: Focus on serving others and not on anything else. Sometimes it’s hard to do our work with concentration and dedication. However, if we have an intention to do something in a certain way, like focusing on our intention to serve, then it becomes easier. What you will receive by doing this is a clear and grounded sense of self. That wound that’s hurting will step aside. And clarity of vision and purpose emerge. You need all of these.

LIBRA: In your daily life you’ve become prudent, disciplined, focused, reliable, industrious, serious, reserved, patient and persevering. You’ve taken on more and more responsibilities and some Librans are assuming a healing role. Perhaps you are the one in need of healing? Do not allow any type of insecurity or inhibitions to limit you. Think these through. Be only with those who cared for and support you. Where everyone sees you as perfect. Mother always said you were (perfect).

SCORPIO: There’s a brilliant new state of creativity flowing through you. Music, very important at this time, must be in your environments at all times. Travel, study, things cultural, sculpting, hiking, horse tending and/or riding, seeking your next out of body experience, are past gifts you can again cultivate. Tend to mundane tasks carefully and bless the details. Blessings create new and deeper awareness.

SAGITTARIUS: Home, for so long in a state of here and not here, now assumes a more defined reality. Bring in bright colors, plants, bowls of fish, art, lights and a flash of neon. They create the style you seek. Home is your sangha (refuge), sanctuary and retreat. Try not be at odds with anyone and do tend to all tasks with constancy and care. You now expand your new identity, growth and development.

CAPRICORN: The tension and pressure you’re feeling can be used creatively. Know that a self-transformation is slowly coming your way. Cooperation is available from everyone. Teaching others to cooperate nurtures them and you. Everyone sees you as someone of great value, providing you with the courage needed that transforms all situations. You answer to needs. You are the harmony after the conflict.

AQUARIUS: It’s important to secure your money and not use it indiscriminately. It’s also important to share it with those in need. Your money should be used to safeguard your future, work and family. Invest with others in land, consider building an agrarian community. Assess the world situation and be the first to communicate what you see. A new world is coming. You will play a major part in its establishment.

PISCES: Is your daily life feeling somewhat shrouded in a mist? Can you assess your present daily needs and priorities? You want to be practical while initiating new goals. Relationships are expanding. How will this affect your life? Do you think about serving others? Serving is a Virgo task, your hidden sign. The Tibetan says, “Out of duty, perfectly performed, will emerge those larger duties which we call world work.” Always the world calls to you.

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