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Physicists Create Artificial ‘Graphene’

An international group of physicists led by the University of Arkansas has created an artificial material with a structure comparable to graphene, a micro two-dimensional material that is highly conductive.

Making Ripples

Grey Foxes in Arkansas

It’s usually the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) that gets all the fame in popular culture.


Privilege Walk Encourages Empathy for Citizens

About 80 or so Northwest Arkansas citizens of different ethnicity, ages and backgrounds took part in a cultural awareness experience to understand privilege first-hand in a group setting Monday evening at the Yvonne Richardson Center in Fayetteville, Feb. 1.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Monkey

Monday, Feb. 8, is Aquarius new moon (19 degrees) and Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Monkey (an imaginative, intelligent and vigilant creature).

Cover Story

New Music Festival Puts Fayetteville “On The Map”

This coming March, Fayetteville is going to be host to a brand new independent music festival that will feature several bands’ debut in the state.


The Road To Iowa

After a year of both sides campaigning across the country, dozens of candidates in a bunch of different televised debates, $300 million in spending and costs, and an insurmountable amount of attack ads, political think-pieces, and fear-mongering pundits, the 2016 Presidential Election has finally begun.