Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Monkey

Monday, Feb. 8, is Aquarius new moon (19 degrees) and Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Monkey (an imaginative, intelligent and vigilant creature). Monkey is bright, quick, lively, quite naughty, clever and inquiring, sensible and reliable. Monkey loves to help others. Often they are teachers, writers and linguists.. They are very talented, like renaissance people. Leonardo Da Vinci was born in the year of Monkey.

Monkey contains Metal (relation to gold) and Water (wisdom, danger). 2016 will be a year of finances. For a return on one’s money, invest in monkey’s ideas. Metal is related to Wind (change). Therefore events in 2016 will change very quickly. We must ponder with care before making financial, business and relationship changes. Fortune’s path may not be smooth in 2016. Finances and business as usual will be challenged. Although we develop practical goals, the outcomes are different than hoped for. We must be cautious with investments and business partnership. It is most important to cultivate a balanced and harmonious daily life, seeking ways to release tension, pressure and stress to improve health and calmness.

Monkey is lively, flexible, quick-witted and versatile. Their gentle, honest, enchanting yet resourceful nature results often in everlasting love. Monkeys are freedom loving. Without freedom, Monkey becomes dull, sad and very unhappy. During the Spring & Autumn Period (770 – 476 BC), the Chinese official title of Marquis (noble person) was pronounced ‘Hou’, the same as the pronunciation of ‘monkey’ in Chinese. Monkey was thereby bestowed with auspicious (favorable, fortunate) meaning.

Monkey years – 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016.

ARIES: It’s important to be with like-minded others, to consider what groups need your initiating leadership. It’s possible you’re being attracted, magnetized or simply swept into a group that recognizes your talents and gifts. Extend your endeavors into more community efforts. Investigate what other communities are doing to unify their economics. You become cause oriented, impersonal and humanitarian.

TAURUS: Your purpose is to research the new economic structures that define the new Aquarian businesses that bring forth the new sustainability for humanity. You are attempting to anchor the new ideas (entrepreneurships) that bring about unlimited resources needed for the coming new times. All assets are to be used differently now. No longer tossed away but tended to, saved, and cherished. To re-order, reorganize and reconstruct the world.

GEMINI: Here is the difference between the aspirant (seeker) and the Disciple. The aspirant experiences (is tossed about by) events in form and matter. They are unreflective and unaware of others needing to be focused only upon the self. The Disciple is the Observer, still experiencing life but aware and reflective. Which of these defines you? Are you the jungle, the clearing or the Path? Do you exhibit understanding?

CANCER: A great time of testing, transformation and regeneration has begun. This also means crisis is felt. Within the crisis is the seed of regeneration. Hidden within regeneration is Resurrection. Much of the time you hide in darkness with intermittent soaring in the air. Do you dream of birds? What hurts eventually heals. Then we become healers. Stand in the Light of the Sun, morning and evening and at noon.

LEO: Observing the changes. Preparing for Aquarius, your shadow. From disharmony, harmony emerges. From imbalance equilibrium and a new balance emerges. From not knowing about love comes “love that underlies the happenings of the times”. From needing to dominate comes the desire to serve. From seeing only the light of self emerges a light that shines over the earth across the seas. You become this Light.

VIRGO: Your inner and outer worlds are merging. As you searched for order within the disorder, order appeared like magic out from the chaos. At first you were fearful and now you’re resourceful. You see yourself no longer imprisoned by form but that you (humanity and all the Kingdoms and the Earth itself) are actually Divine Form. Your perfect purity is showing.

LIBRA: You’ll be like a Leo for a while. Leo is about the heart. Stand in the Sun’s light at dawn and dusk. A special light bathes and brings healing to the body. I see there’s a wound occurring in your daily life. Visualize the heart of the Sun (Love/Wisdom) streaming into your heart. Then love flows more easily and you see life changes. Connect your heart with the hearts of those around you. Instead of reflecting the light of others you become their source of Light.

SCORPIO: You’ve become the mother (nurturer). The chaos and conflict you feel are actually states of creativity needed for the New Harmony in your life to emerge. You’re shedding old desires, moving into states of sharing, qualities of the disciple. From the waters of the womb to swimming in the waters of the earth you’re now seeking the Waters of Life. You’re thirsty. You help others. You’re the Mother now.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re changing, shifting and mutating, entering into a new state of relations with everyone. Eventually you’ll step into Right Relations. At first you related only to yourself, then awareness of others appeared. This is the horizontal arm of the Cross. Seeking God, you step upon the vertical arm of the Cross. Tossed about by the wind soon you’ll co-direct the wind. The open doors you seek aren’t quite ready yet. Soon. Patience. Go west.

CAPRICORN: In the coming days you’ll attempt to bring harmony to all conflicts. When conflict appears, people usually exhibit agitation. They turn away. But you don’t – realizing when conflict appears it means a new harmony is seeking to come forth. Conflict is a life force, the old dying away, the new emerging. You realize conflict & chaos must exist. They are the other side of harmony. The horns of conflict become the “horns of plenty” (harmony). Knowing this calms your world.

AQUARIUS: An Aries quality (all things new) colors all events in your life for a while. The stars ask a question of you. “What inspires you?” It’s important to ponder and go deep within the self to answer this question. Then to go about each day, with discipline, doing all that brings you motivation, stimulation and encouragement. What is your muse? Is it a person, an art form, a place, a season? Tend very carefully to financial resources.

PISCES: Here are some questions for Pisces. Where is your focus? Upon the self, humanity or is it a world focus? Do you respond personally, impersonally or trans-personally to events? Are you reactive, reflective or inventive? Is your movement chaotic, purposeful or like a spiral? Pisces is the sign that “saves the world.” Here is a prayer to say each day. It “saves” the day. “Lead us O Lord from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, from death to immortality, from chaos to beauty.”

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