St. Brigid’s Day & Candlemas – Bowls of Fire

Festivals and Feast days are rituals celebrated by all of humanity everywhere around the world, in all cultures and throughout all civilizations. Rituals focus our minds and hearts. They create rhythms. Rhythms and rituals help to balance the dark and the light. Rituals bring heaven to earth. They anchor great ideals into our world. Rituals help humanity to maintain a focus on things of nature and of the Spirit.

St. Brigit’s Day (Feb. 1) & Candlemas (Feb. 2) are such days. Both festivals tell us we are in between winter and spring (cross-quarter days) and that Spring is near. As St. Brigid holds a cross (wheel of time, the changing seasons) and a bowl of fire in her hands, Candlemas is a time of blessing & distributing candles – Light in the midst of winter. Both St. Brigid’s Day & Candlemas occur is the sign of Aquarius – “the Light that shines in the dark, over the seas (emotional world), purifying the darkness (ignorances, fears, cruelties, etc.) until the dark is gone.” Both feast days are thus, in our esoteric occult world, Aquarian.

Candlemas (also called “Imbolc” [Celtic] & Groundhog Day) occurs 40 days after Christmas, when Hebrew infants were brought to the temple to be blessed and the mother purified (“mikvah” – Hebrew for purification, a holy bath). “And so, after 40 days Mary was purified in the temple”.

Forty days is esoterically a time of preparation for higher spiritual work. There are many biblical references to the number forty (40). All were purification times. We too “bathe” during this time. Purifying our bodies with Sunlight, with cedar and sage, lavender and pine. We light our fires. We shed any darkness. We make scones with milk and butter. Soon we know the quince will bloom.

ARIES: Are you remembering events from the past, feeling more sensitive. Inspired and perhaps more insightful? Is there a sense of sadness or woundedness? Prayer, meditation, study, retreats are good at this time, allowing gentleness and kindness, more compassion and caring to emerge. These virtues help us when placed at the center of an Aquarian group, asking us to be the leader and project the future. You, the “initiator of all things new” will be asked.

TAURUS: You’re first mission is tending to health, your bones, muscles, heart, and not let yourself become fatigues, overwhelmed or cold. You must use your practicality to care for yourself before others. People will come to you for help. They already have. You must be strong for them and weigh what is best – to provide others with a healing journey, or nurse your physical body back to perfect health. Study Functional Medicine.

GEMINI: Something benevolent and bountiful (Jupiter) happens between you and the world at large, between you and your work and profession. You’re inspired, encouraged and guided toward all that is good. With careful study, preparation, and viewing the past in terms of your talents and gifts, pathways open, choices then commitments are made, and abundance settles into your heart.

CANCER: A new and different study daily routine, new structures, perhaps new studies have been introduced to you. They make you feel generous and capable. For the first time you feel at home. It’s good to explore a culture or a time or a reality that is unknown to you. Perhaps shrouded in secrecy or hidden in dreams and in history. Studying this changes your inner and outer life. You are happy.

LEO: Each day subtly you become more perceptive, more wise, more intuitive and enlightened about those around you, especially co-workers. Someone, something, some words or the love of one of the kingdoms, shift you into a deeper awareness of spiritual realities. This comes through intimacy, resources, visions or dreams. Love is joyful. It is always kind.

VIRGO: You relate better with others, especially those close by if you see them as essential divine beings. They will bloom and flourish, increase, thrive, prosper and unfold like a lotus. You offer them praise and love in abundance. Challenging no one. Offering compassionate praiseful understanding instead. You begin to be nourished. The past drops away.

LIBRA: Use your imagination to think about what you want to be – what career, occupation and vocation you truly and deeply want to pursue. Ask this of yourself. The answers will subtly appear. Talk to everyone about your hopes, dreams and wishes. In the upcoming months you become stronger and more resilient. Seek astrological timing for any surgeries. Eat salads with each meal. Find the Café Gratitude cookbook.

SCORPIO: Don’t go down the road of investments thinking the economy will improve soon. Don’t take risks with your money and resources. Instead begin serious preparation for a new economy to unfold that will look much different than what we are used to. Don’t speculate. Instead get a couple of good books on greenhouses and bio shelters and use your resources to create these environments. Saturn calls you to be wise in these matters.

SAGITTARIUS: So many different ideas are in your mind. Perhaps you’re thinking of moving far away. A place in the Sun. Perhaps it’s to return home. You want a place near a body of water. Somehow you feel clouded as to where home is. Yes, Neptune has you in a boat somewhere, directions into the future unknown. Bask in these unknowns. They are like clouds. Nourishing you till the next phase of personal development appears. Study the I-Ching.

CAPRICORN: For the next five months your thoughts become happy, optimistic. You’re understanding many life questions. You will shift from vagueness (Neptune) to realizing intentions for Goodwill. You will bring grace and goodness to all interactions. You help others who have lost their way. Begin writing (journaling, blogging) about your daily live. You have important things to share.

AQUARIUS: This coming year may feel like all things in form and matter continue to disappear. This means you must be very careful with all resources, especially money. You may feel wounded by what you consider as a lack of important things in your life. Do not allow this to be your interpretation. You are being prepared for something important. In order to help others. You must experience these things before humanity does. So you can help them. You carry the Aquarius task. We stand with you. Along with the angels.

PISCES: You will be given new responsibilities this year. Carefully follow through with them. Visualize everything first. Organize all environments, papers, schedules, agendas and commitments. Grace and beauty and a new sense of identity will emerge. Tithe generously and consistently to those in need. Change your eating habits. The Paleo Immune diet is turning out to be best for all of us. Read, study, assess and gradually adapt it.


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