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Fayetteville Organization Aids Syrian Refugee Camp

After nearly two years without potable water at a refugee tent camp in war-torn Syria, a Fayetteville organization raised enough funds to rehabilitate the camp’s defunct well to provide access to free, clean water for 1500 refugees on Dec. 10.


The Gallaghers Return

“Shameless,” Showtime’s U.S. remake of a U.K. show by the same name, returns this Sunday for a sixth season.

Risa's Astrology

Epiphany (Something New Appears), Retrogrades, New Moon

Wednesday is the feast of Epiphany (Greek for “manifestation). Walking with the Three Astrologer Kings (world messengers) since Christmas, following a star (Sirius), seeking a newborn child, on January 6th, 12 days after Christmas, holding gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh and the 12 signs, we discover the holy one.


Freekly Fiction Vol. 6

You hear the band crank into action, twang out the first tune, warm up. Heavy on the drum with rhythm guitar pulsing into the humidity. Hot damn.

Legacy Archive

New State Laws Enacted in 2016

With 2016 underway, several laws passed in 2015 have taken effect in Arkansas including a state minimum wage increase, drivers license expiration updates and a middle class tax cut.

Making Ripples

Ecological Calendars Make Time Logical And Natural

Our days are numbered. But numbering them on the conventional calendar has removed us from humanity’s place in time and natural cycles throughout the year.

Advice Advice Goddess

Shove Hurts

Is your dating coach 8 years old? Because “I refuse to speak to you till you propose!” is a (slightly) more adult version of “I’m holding my breath till you buy me that Barbie!”