Halloween, Altars, Forgiveness

Saturn, the Dweller on the Threshold (one side) and the Angel of the Presence (the other side) can be interesting Halloween characters. The Dweller (like St. Peter at the Gates of Heaven) can at times look like a gargoyle – carved face or figure protecting sacred sites. The Dweller stands at the door (threshold) of the sacred mysteries (Scorpio), the Wisdom Temples, the inner sanctums of churches built by Masons, who, trained in sacred architecture, built spires (prayers, stupas) reaching to the heavens. The stern Dweller turns into the compassionate Angel of the Presence when we have passed all the Scorpio tests. The Nine Tests of the Personality are given in Scorpio to build strength, character and wisdom, which all disciples need.


It’s time to build our Halloween, All Saints and All Souls Days, altars filled with marigolds, chrysanthemums, pumpkins, sugar skeletons, copal (incense), pomegranates, persimmons, pineapple guavas, candy, corn and scary cookies in colors orange and black (so Saturn)!

Forgiveness & Rapprochement

The last day of October and the first days of November are also times for forgiveness, reconciliation and rapprochement. Forgiveness liberates us now and after death, when reviewing our life and recognizing or lack of Right Relations and the consequences of those actions. When we forgive now, we are later less encumbered with grief and sadness concerning our missed opportunities to Love. These factors are the inner, real and essential significances of Halloween. Happy Halloween, everyone! Let nothing scary or wicked your way come!

ARIES: For the next several years your task will be radiating Right Relations and harmony to all kingdoms. All interactions will change when you do so. You will see how you’re transforming self and the world. At times you battle your way through changes; at other times you resist the change. Even your perception of enemies changes. Know they are challenges that, through conflict, direct you toward the Pathway of Peace.

TAURUS: There’s more work ahead, more responsibilities and a definite focus on health. Beginning with a state of acceptance, tend daily to health, adequate sleep, drinking half your weight in pure water, vitamins, correct nourishment and daily exercise. The work needed is clearing up any obstacles in life. Because soon you will move into a period of creativity. Hindrances, in the environment, relationships, anything incomplete from the past will not allow creativity to come forth. You can do all of this.

GEMINI: Concerns and focus are on your domestic life as well as your creative life. Art, love affairs, tending children, seeking a new sense of self through what you imagine. Saturn will enter your house of relationships. Saturn asks what have you longed for and sought after in relationships, what do you want, don’t want, hope for, love, and what gifts are you capable of offering? A commitment or non-commitment of love occurs.

CANCER: Cancer is about family and nurturing what we love. Venus is asking you what do you nurture, how and why? You seek closeness with loved ones, wanting to teach them new ways of understanding the world. For Cancer professionals, it’s home that calls more and more often. Some will seek their roots, relatives and genealogy to establish a deeper sense of family history. Include research on the town, city, state and nation presently lived in. We are needed wherever we are.

LEO: It’s good to reach out to siblings and family, to walk about daily in your neighborhood seeking new friends, interacting with those living around you, creating relationships that are social, communicative, sharing and encouraging of others. Leo is to radiate the light of the Sun. You are magnetic, attractive, illuminating the hearts of others. Leo is the heart of the Sun, Love/Wisdom (Ray 2). You are the Sun’s carrier of golden light in the world.

VIRGO: A time of discernment begins and understanding the value of self. Notice all possessions and assess their value. You will realize some possessions have become burdensome. Begin eliminating what is no longer useful in your life. Seek harmony through the proper placements of objects in the home, office and gardens. For the next months, take special care with your use your money. You may undervalue or overvalue. Call forth discernment.

LIBRA: Interesting. You may become stricter in your thinking, defining for yourself who you are and who you’ve become. Whomever you encounter may reflect this too. Or they could tell you you’ve become much too serious. This is Saturn, the Gatekeeper, providing new thoughts and ideas. A long passage of time has come to an end. Old beliefs and separations disappear. You learn what the truth is…of Love. Sleep more.

SCORPIO: You are not socially isolated. You’re being given a time of retreat and contemplation when purpose and things religious and spiritual appear. Observe and write down all ways you are different from last year, two, five, ten years ago. Withdraw consciously into inner contemplation daily. This gives you time for understanding, evaluating, observing the changes and to serve yourself with compassion and kindness.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll both detach from groups and seek them out. The detachment concerns previous groups that defined your previous self. In the coming year you’re magnetized to groups with a higher level of consciousness and sense of purpose. You seek new communities. A leader of a group you could be. However, you seek to be a more integrated group player helping to synthesize group vision. Right cooperation will be your discipline.

CAPRICORN: Soon new endeavors and responsibilities will appear. It’s recognized you’re the best in terms of leadership, achievement, vision, creativity and productivity. All Capricorn gifts. Ponder deeply on what is asked of you. Can you function to your fullest capacity, full expression, bringing your uniqueness into the world? All of this implies opportunity, less sleep, opposition (others want to be like you) and personal creative rewards. Carry on.

AQUARIUS: You’re beginning to understand life’s rules, something Aquarius has difficulty with. You’re learning how to be more skillful with others and there’s still much more to learn. Follow all rules, respect all laws. This is most important for the next year. Take long journeys, learn new things, fulfill obligations (or don’t make them) and enter into a philosophy that helps and serves others. Stay in touch with loved ones.

PISCES: Pay attention very carefully to your money and its use. Ask others what their values are. Perhaps they are not the same as your values. Be conscious of whom you partner with professionally and personally. Ask yourself what’s most important to you, how to best use resources and where they should be applied. In all relationships, attempt to give more. Each relationship is a gift, a test, a challenge, an opportunity. Make the decision to love more.

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