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Animal Assisted Reading Programs Offered

There are so many special things that make this community unique. One of them is the progressive reading programs Fayetteville Public Library has launched to get kids excited about reading.


Q&A: Moon Taxi

Moon Taxi have been blowing up these past few years, and they’re about to treat Fayetteville to big ol’ jam session.


Airbush Makeup, Vintage Style

Jenny Tuz is a certified airbrush makeup artist who was trained under celebrity makeup artist Deborah Dietrich. Airbrush makeup gives a natural, flawless look to any skin type.The makeup Jenny

Cover Story

The Bikers of Bikes, Blues and Barbecue 2015

Meet a few of the bikers of Bikes, Blues and Barbecue.

Making Ripples

Pizza Box Recycling Myth

Although pizza boxes are great for carrying hot pizzas to our doorstep, they aren’t so great for the recycling center. That’s right: used pizza boxes are not necessarily recyclable.


Dead And Back Again: A Writer’s Tale

This is the story of the time I died.

Advice Advice Goddess

Hurl, Interrupted

Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm wrote that mature love is “I need you because I love you.” Rather different from “I need you because I don’t want to be living in a packing crate when I’m 50.”


Q&A: The Inner Party

One of the longest running Fayetteville alternative/post-punk bands, The Inner Party, is alive and well and are playing a show this Tuesday, Oct. 6 at JR’s Lightbulb Club.