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Caretaker Stands Up for Fayetteville’s Neglected

People started to trickle in to the main ballroom of the senior center around 8 a.m. Some prepared for their morning workout, while others chatted with friends over coffee at

Advice Advice Goddess

High, I Think I Love You

Getting the chills the moment you set eyes on a person may be a sign that you have love at first sight — or an incipient case of malaria. (In time, you’ll find out whether you have lasting love or lasting liver damage, seizures, and death.)


Buffalo River: The River That Almost Wasn’t

Are you yearning to take a float down the Buffalo River with the fall leaves starting to change?

Cover Story

West Fork Country Music Show Celebrates 26 Years

There was nearly a full house of families, sweethearts and old folks the night of the Little O’ Oprey’s 26th anniversary country music show in West Fork, Ark., and best of all, there was free cake to celebrate the occasion.

Making Ripples

All About Chipmunks

Chipmunks are inquisitive little animals known for their unique high-pitched singing abilities…no wait, not those Chipmunks.


Midtown Fayetteville Clinic to Host Grand Opening

If you’re looking for more of a personalized health care provider that can also offer you yoga or Jiu Jitsu classes all in one place, look no further.


Reliving The Magic

To those who know me, it’s no secret that I am a massive Harry Potter fan.

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Choices Offered in Libra

This is our last week of Libra Sun. Libra prepares us for Scorpio. For the tests and trials of discipleship. Libra is the sign that oscillates up and down until we come to rest, to a state of contemplation, the meditation in Libra.