Choices Offered in Libra

This is our last week of Libra Sun. Libra prepares us for Scorpio. For the tests and trials of discipleship. Libra is the sign that oscillates up and down until we come to rest, to a state of contemplation, the meditation in Libra. We contemplate upon Libra’s tasks before entering the deep waters of Scorpio. Halloween is the outer symbol of Scorpio, of things and presences that “go bump in the night.” Libra, the sign of choice, informs us we must choose before Libra is over. Will we remain where we are, will we turn back to a previous time, or will be progress forward? It is a deep and difficult choice.

Those of us building our personality (physical body, emotions, lower mental) do not have such choice – progressing automatically into Virgo for purification. Disciples, Soul-directed, are aware, yearly, of choice occurring in Libra. Preparing for Scorpio. A preliminary step is being aware of the choices available. Here are Libra choices. Note the three levels.

Do we create imbalance, seek equilibrium or is our life in perfect balance? Do we dominate others, are there winners and losers, or does everyone win? Are relationships personal, interpersonal or transpersonal? Is our focus on self alone, do we realize others exist, or do we stand together as One Humanity? Is our philosophy “an eye for an eye,” “eye to eye,” or does a diamond light of love radiate from our forehead (3rd eye, Ajna center)? Are we materialistic, idealistic or a true realist, seeing the essential Spirit within all beings? Are we separators, mediators or peacemakers? Are we part of the new sub-race on Earth called the Loving Understandings?

ARIES: You have many important skills. You also have the ability to completely transform thoughts and ideas of others in the world of humanity. There is an aura of concern and Right Relations and love that can extend from you to others. It simply needs your awareness and a context/place where you can teach. You are an initiating and charming leader. Cultivate patience.

TAURUS: As you become more sensitive to personal matters of diet and health you realize you can teach others. This will be a great service to many for few understand the working of the body and even less how to bring adequate nutrition into daily life. You are the sign of the illumined mind. Therefore, think on what information you have learned, how you can better serve first yourself and then all of humanity through nutrition.

GEMINI: It’s a gift to know how to play, have fun, understanding in life there is pleasure along with and amidst suffering. It’s a skill to have a hobby and to choose recreation during times of stress. Knowing these things allows for freedom and an unusual leadership. Your ability to play strengthens your heart, builds the golden body (aura) and affection from you to the world streams forth.

CANCER: Gardening is an intrinsic skill you possess. You nurture new life, seeing life emerge from the seeds of creation. In the womb of your awareness, things green and grow, bloom and flower. Be aware of and tend to all kingdoms around you, from young ones to elders. Tend also to your home, family and community. Each sign fosters a gift. You gift is foundational to life itself.

LEO: It’s good to take a long walk in your neighborhood, to understand its flora and fauna, birdsongs, your neighbors and the flow of traffic. It’s also good to make contact with family, friends and relatives, to study your relationships with them, make amends, send forgiveness, nurture love. In this way you demonstrate to others your capacities to make contacts which you releases Love and then wisdom.

VIRGO: Your skills of orderliness and organization, of detail and discrimination are deeply needed by humanity for many were not taught these abilities when young. Our parents were working with different energies. Virgo skills are highly effective. They lead to a sense of empowerment, to success concerning practical realities and daily living abilities. Acknowledge your skills. Radiate them toward humanity. We then learn from you.

LIBRA: The Sun in Libra each year allows you to create a new identity, new skills and new choices. Libra’s powerful and dynamic energy can helps us learn new ways to use and handle money, tend to the environment, and develop the Art of Right Human Relations (RHR). Before the Aquarian World Teacher can re-appear, humanity needs Goodwill and RHR which results in peace. You lead the way for humanity in understanding this.

SCORPIO: A crossroad appears, two paths. You see yourself walking both paths. You remember the story of Arjuna (student of Krishna), realizing you must choose one path or the other. Yet you walk the middle path to understand the polarities. Each path is an opportunity. Which path is best for you? Which has value leading to a state of happiness (personality and the past)? Which leads to service and joy and testing (Soul)? Which do you choose?

SAGITTARIUS: Are you making unusual connections with others? Are you seeking a teacher or guide? Are you asking questions of your contacts with others, and are you sensing kinship different than before? All contacts contain an opportunity for radiating Right Human Relations. This creates a magnet in your life and in turn your hopes and wishes begin to come true. Think on what you do that is benevolent. Have benevolence as your goal.

CAPRICORN: The world may be honoring you in some form through how you present yourself, through your work or service or how deeply responsible you are. Should someone begin to stand in your shadow or shift the deserving light away from you, stand in another sunbeam. Always you show others your compassion and understanding. And offer deep listening. Deep listening ends suffering. Nothing you ever do is unnoticed.

AQUARIUS: It is an excellent time, before further retrogrades occur, to create long range plans and agendas, to contact friends, to begin a new journey, to make travel arrangements and to listen carefully to what your heart has to say. In all interactions do not argue, move slowly, tend to all communications with care. In this way the future flows into the present with ease and harmony.

PISCES: Show others that you have ability with money and resources. You’re often seen as unable to tend to practical matters. However, you’re very practical and skillful, although your process is very different. The important issues facing you now are money, resources all things financial. Some Pisces also may be seeking a new life direction, feeling they must start over again. Call forth courage & the Will-to-Good. Then Right Choice is made.

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