Wesak (Water) Taurus Solar Festival, Buddha Blesses the Earth

April 20 to May 20

April 20 to May 20

A most important celebration occurs Sunday, May 3, – the Wesak Taurus Buddha Solar Festival/full moon. At the moment of the full moon the Buddha’s presence enters the Earth plane for eight (8) minutes. He brings the Will-to-Good from the Father, which, when reaching humanity becomes Goodwill (Mother Principle). Held yearly in a valley hidden deep within the Himalayas, the Wesak festival is prepared for months in advance (beginning at Winter Solstice).

On festival day, amidst pilgrims, disciples and Holy Ones gathered in the valley, the Buddha is invoked through movement, symbols and mantrams. At the moment of the Full Moon, hearing the words,

“We are ready, Buddha, Come,” the Lord of Illumination (brother of the Christ) appears in the clouds above the altar to emanate forth the Will & Purpose of God to Earth. The Blessing of the Father is then held in safekeeping for distribution at the June full moon Goodwill Festival.

The day of Wesak (May 3, 8:42 p.m. west coast) all disciples (east & west) place crystal vessels filled with pure water outside (in gardens, on rooftops, porches and steps) under the heavens. As the Buddha blesses the world all waters, including waters within our bodies, are blessed. The Buddha is accompanied by the Forces of Enlightenment to illuminate humanity’s minds. Humanity then begins to express new constructive, productive and beneficial ways of the Art of Livingness. Wesak covers five days – 2 days (before) of dedicated preparation, the actual festival “Day of Safeguarding,” and, two days (after) distributing Goodwill (the NGWS to humanity). Join us in the Valley by reciting the Great Invocation, Mantram of Direction for Humanity. (290)

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