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Crafts and Activism Combine

Change requires both an inner and outer dialogue. “Craftivism,” or activism through the art of crafts, fosters such dialogue—and craftivism is happening in Fayetteville.


Groups Collaborate for Transgender Visibility Day

Various interest and support groups throughout Northwest Arkansas gathered Tuesday at the University of Arkansas to advocate for transgender visibility.


Bountiful Natural Capital

Have you ever heard of such a thing as “Natural Capital”? It is quite real and big businesses are including their share of the wealth found in natural ecosystems into their financial spreadsheet.

Advice Advice Goddess

Flee Circus

My mom left when I was young, and my former husband left me, too. Maybe because of this, I’ve noticed that I’m quick to assume that any man I’m seeing


Native Representation

In the PC-charged culture we live in, though, the show has been taking a lot of flak for “white-washing” and being blind to actual issues.

Making Ripples

Local Ridesharing Options Growing

Americans are finally becoming interested en masse in alternatives to privately owned vehicles, which is driving a change in what transportation looks like.


It Chaps My Ass

Did you all catch the story in the news about the attack on 27-year-old, pregnant Michelle Wilkins?

Cover Story

The Lowdown on HB 1228

A controversial religious freedom bill that critics say would open the door to discrimination passed in the Arkansas legislature Monday.

Risa's Astrology

Passion Week, Eclipse, Full Moon, Aries Festival, Passover & Easter

We have entered a most important week of multiple festivals. Three Ages and religious festivals – stages for humanity’s development – are occurring simultaneously.

Legacy Archive

A Witness to Innocence

Gary Drinkard spent six years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit.