Passion Week, Eclipse, Full Moon, Aries Festival, Passover & Easter

We have entered a most important week of multiple festivals. Three Ages and religious festivals – stages for humanity’s development – are occurring simultaneously. Aries (Age of Laws), Pisces (Age of Faith) & Aquarian (Age of Science & Humanity); Jewish, Christian/Catholic & Esoteric teachings.

The first of the Three Spring Festivals occurs Saturday along with the full moon, a total lunar eclipse (something in form & matter has come to an end, its usefulness completed). It’s also Passover, celebrating the passage from the Taurus to the Aries Age, symbolized by the Hebrew people’s walk of forty years from Egypt through the Sinai Desert to Canaan (land of milk & homey), culminating with Moses given the 10 Commandments – Laws that directed humanity through the Aries Age. Passover celebrates their safe passage out of Egypt, “the Angel passing over the Jewish homes, safeguarding their first born.”

The Aries Festival (1st of Three Spring Festivals – Aries, Taurus, Gemini) celebrates the Love of God. Accompanying the Aries Light (Light of Life itself) are the Forces of Restoration (restoring humanity’s hope) and the Spirit of Resurrection (uplifting humanity in need of new education, resources, direction & guidance). Guidance to be given by the New Group of World Servers. Saturday’s solar Aries festival (at the full moon lunar eclipse) is celebrated by the New Group of World Servers worldwide. Join us everyone.

Sunday is Easter, celebrated by humanity worldwide. The three religious festivals arriving simultaneously signal the coming new world religion is at hand, a synthesis & integration of all religions. We stand with our brothers and sisters everywhere in celebration. We see what is no longer needed which created separations between us, disappear. We stand forward together in the new light, with the Spirit of Resurrection directing us. Hosanna!

ARIES: Everything you’ve thought about yourself is changing. The changes are obvious yet subtle. They are affecting your entire life and all relationships. What you’ve learned in the past is good. But your mind now seeks more information, in-depth study, expanded awareness and new dimensions of thought. You will step into new fields of endeavor and study. Take special care of yourself as your new creative abilities come forth.

TAURUS: It’s possible you’re doing great work, yet others (and not you), are recognized and applauded. This could create sadness that casts a shadow of unease all around. Perhaps you want to show your true self but somehow you’re misunderstood. Results are emotional upsets and possible confrontations with others who can’t understand. Solitude is best. Near a stream, under trees, in a forest, under stars or a desert far away. You know this place.

GEMINI: It helps to gather with others working on a common project, a study, reading, gardening, cooking, dancing, exercise, swimming or parenting. Be sure to balance your presence (ideas, needs, wants) with the group needs. You’re not to be only in charge. Nor are you to be subservient. You’re to be equal. This is done by observing and coordinating your interests and needs with others. Ask Venus to assist you in this important group task.

CANCER: When working with others, great things can be accomplished. New ideas fill the mind; the heart opens. When changes are sensed in the world you realize you must lead others towards safe alternatives. You have great strength of purpose. Others may have different paths and purposes in life. Much work is needed. Create notebooks for each project. Upgrade your technology.

LEO Proceed with great care. Realize the power you project can make other feel uneasy. Therefore be aware of communication, especially if giving orders or speaking with officials. Aligning with them, letting them know you are on their side, makes people help you. Our most important gift (task, actually) is the ability to create Goodwill, which leads to Right Relations leading to Right Actions and peace. Cultivate constant Goodwill.

VIRGO: Things are subtle and blatant, present and then not, here but not there, then and later. How confusing this is. What impels you to move forward is quietly transforming your vision of the future. It’s Ok if things are a bit blurry. Nothing can correct this. You must live with paradox for a while. Your life experiences are being reviewed for their usefulness. Call forth the virtue of patience. For a while.

LIBRA: Use the tensions you’re experiencing to pursue a creative endeavor. It’s good to coordinate and cooperate with another, to bring forth harmony and intimacy within relationship. Right Human Relations occurs when grievances are brought forth and listened to carefully to clear the air and discover truth. If there’s conflict, notice who has less power. Stand up, stand by, protect, and fight for them.

SCORPIO: The focus is values once again. Listen carefully to what others value. Ask why they value what they do and how they came to their awareness. Some people may not understand the word value. Understanding your values defines present and future life choices. Create a visual and written journal describing what you value. At some defining point, the contents of your notebook manifest in the world of form and matter.

SAGITTARIUS: Maintain a daily exercise program and avoid anything unfavorable to your health. Should you feel frustrations do not maintain a pained and distant silence. Find someone(s) who listens without offering advice. Keeping silent while experiencing intense feeling can create illness. Work each day on a goal. Do not push it aside. Tending to practical life helps us live with rhythms, pride, self-discovery and happiness.

CAPRICORN: Family issues bring forth today what happened long ago, activating what’s forgotten, behaviors not remembered, but most of all don’t understand. When we find ourselves arguing with others it could be we don’t understand something and this hurts us. It’s vital to be aware of the reason behind choices, actions, words and intentions. There is much activity within and at home. You need communication, solitude and rest there all at the same time.

AQUARIUS: Are you experiencing lots of activity – errands, short trips, fixing things, decorating, preparing for guests, cleaning and clearing? You want others to recognize you’ve ordered your environment beautifully. This is good. Careful with seeing only one side of things – things only about yourself. Should you notice a shift in other people’s behavior it could be you’re not taking their needs into consideration. This isn’t Aquarian.

PISCES: A sense of discipline is needed for rest and relaxation. You need play, fun, simple and easy life experiences. Anything or anyone making demands upon you dissipates the little energy you have. You may need to explain how you’re feeling. Try and inform everyone of your need for ease and freedom. A Pisces can’t always be sad and hidden and drowning somewhere behind a watery fern.

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