Pluto Retrograde, Aries New Moon, Lyrid Meteor Showers

As the Lyrid meteors, radiating from the star Vega in the Harp constellation, begin showering heaven and earth with light, Pluto, planet of transformation (or die) turns stationary retrograde (Thursday, April 16), 15 degrees Capricorn. Retrogrades have purpose, allowing humanity time to review, reassess, research and reinvent while returning to previous situations.

Retrogrades are times of inner activity, seeds sown in bio-dynamically prepared soil. Pluto retrograde is the most serious and resolute of retrogrades – a pure tincture or, as in homeopathy, a “constitutional” touching the essences of all that maters. Pluto offers deep insight into confusion or puzzlement and areas where transformation is still incomplete.

It’s valuable to have one’s astrology chart to follow what area of life the major planets, especially Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, are influencing us. These outer planets have long-term and lasting affects on our psyche, inner/outer life events, how people see us and how we see and process our world.

Pluto, retrograde for five months (until September 24) offers deep earthquakes of change, awakens humanity to the task of building (Capricorn) the new culture and civilization, flailing our inner world about, deepening us until we transform and do things differently. Pluto is an unrelenting teacher.

New Moon (29 Aries) is Saturday, April 18. With the personality-building keynote,” Let form again be sought.” Mars anchors the new creative fires of Aries into our world. The New Group of World Servers participates together in the new moon festival, while also preparing for the Taurus Wesak, Buddha Full Moon Festival (May 3). Join us everyone.

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