Altars of Remembrance, Forgiveness & Rapprochement

We’re in Scorpio now – things mysterious, ageless, hidden, sometimes scary. Friday is Halloween; Saturday, All Saints Day; Sunday, All Soul’s Day. Sunday morning, 2:00 am (after midnight), Daylight Savings Time ends. Clocks are turned back. Tuesday is the General Election. Our vote is our voice. Each vote matters. Applying freedom of choice – Libra’s teachings. It’s time to build Halloween, All Saints and All Souls altars – with marigolds, pumpkins, sugar skeletons, copal (incense), pomegranates, persimmons, candy corn and cookies orange and black. It’s so Saturn (now in Scorpio)! Saturn is the Dweller on the Threshold (like St. Peter at the Gates of Heaven). Saturn can look like a Halloween creature- a gargoyle – fantastic dragon-like creatures protecting sacred sites. The Dweller (Saturn) stands at the door or Threshold of sacred mysteries, Wisdom Temples, inner sanctums of churches offering protection, scaring evil away.

The last day of October and first two days of November, when veils between worlds thin and spirits roam about, are times of remembrance, forgiveness, reconciliation and rapprochement. These actions liberate us. At death, when reviewing our lives and the consequences of our actions, if we have forgiven, then we are free, less encumbered with grief and sadness. We place forgiveness on our altars.

Happy Halloween, everyone! It’s good to dress up in what we’re afraid of. Or whom we would mentor. Then we become one with them. Note to readers – by Thanksgiving I will need a place to live (with purpose). Please contact me if you know of a place where I can rest for awhile. Teach & build community. I will be leaving my mother’s home for the last time.

ARIES: For the next several years your task will be creating Right Relations and harmony with all interaction. Awareness of these allows you to understand how you’re transforming self and others. At times you may battle your way through the change, at other times resisting change. But change you will experience including your perception of enemies. Know they are simply challenges that, through conflict, set you upon the path toward Peace.

TAURUS: There’s much more work ahead. Organizing daily life, health, assuming more responsibilities. Let’s begin with a state of acceptance. Then tend to health, adequate sleep, water, vitamins, nourishment, daily exercise. In fact the next several years may be all about health. However, I know you will take on further work. Allow your health to be your focused starting point.

GEMINI: You are shifting from domestic concerns into awareness of creativity, childhood, remembering love affairs and finding a new sense of self through what you imagine. Saturn has brought you the structure and discipline sought after, providing awareness of what you want, don’t want, hope for, love, and the gifts you offer others. This last is your creativity. Play more.

CANCER: Cancer is always about family and family issues will allow you to see your true loves and creativity. Seeking to live close to loved ones, unable to separate from them, teaching them new ways of understanding the world. For Cancer professionals, home calls more and more often. Some will seek relatives and genealogy establishing a deeper sense of self through family history. Things secret come to light.

LEO: Saturn and all the planets in Scorpio allow you to reach out to siblings and family relations. It also calls you into the neighborhood, interacting with those living around you, creating relationships that are social, communicative, sharing and encouraging of others. You radiate the light of the Sun wherever you are. Be aware of this as you walk about on the streets where you live. Radiating the light of Life itself. And love, too.

VIRGO: You begin evaluating possessions, assessing value. You will acquire less realizing possession become burdens. Make sure there is a harmonious and proper placement of items within home, office and all environments including outside. For the next thirty-six months, take special care with money, purposefully tithing to those in need. That which is given, with Right Relations, is returned ten-fold.

LIBRA: You become stricter with yourself, a sign of defining who you’ve become over the past years. As we grow we have more ethics. Others you encounter may reflect this discipline. Or they could tell you (complain) you’ve become too limited. You must tell them you hear a new beat of a drum that you must follow now. Old ways, thoughts, beliefs pass away. Do not lose your sense of direction. New responsibilities grow along with great accomplishments. Go slow, see time as an asset. Grow a pomegranate tree. Then pineapple guavas.

SCORPIO: As the years (two, three) roll by, you may feel socially isolated. Consider instead that you’re being given a time of retreat and contemplation when purpose and the spiritual seek you. You’ll gather and store all endeavors connected to the other eleven signs. Seeds will grow and begin to flower. Withdraw consciously so there is time for understanding, evaluation of things past, observing and tending self and other with kindness.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll both detach from groups and seek them out. The detachment concerns previous groups who defined your previous self. In the coming years, beginning now, you’ll be magnetized to groups with a higher level of consciousness and sense of purpose including the idea of intentional community. The key is integration. Not a leader of a group, which you could be, but an integrated group player synthesizing the group’s vision. Cooperation will be your discipline.

CAPRICORN: People recognize you’re the best in terms of leadership, achievement, vision and productivity. Ponder deeply on positions offered (in the world or what’s needed at home). You will be asked to function to your fullest capacity. Allow your uniqueness to make an impression in the world. This can be in your garden, in the world, with family and friends. Be calm with what’s available. All of this implies opportunity, some opposition (the dark is magnetized to the light) and personal creative rewards. Rest more.

AQUARIUS: Life become more stable. You’re beginning to understand the rules, something Aquarius has difficulty with (you understand Aquarian rules). You’re learning how to be more skillful with others. Follow rules, respect all laws. Take several long journeys, learn new things, fulfill obligations (or don’t make them) and explore a religion, philosophy or study that helps others. Tending to a flock of chickens is good.

PISCES: Pay close attention to finances. Learn/ask what other people’s values are. They may not be your values. You must also ask yourself what your values are, how to best use resources and where they should be applied. This will be a challenge and an ongoing test. A new level of self-identity will be through money and resources (both having and not having).

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