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Making Ripples

DIY Fall Fun

It’s officially autumn! For a quick and easy fun fall craft that even smaller children can do, try leaf splatter paintings.

Advice Risa's Astrology

True Heroes Amidst Weary Humanity

We have a complex week beginning Wednesday the eighth with the full moon lunar eclipse.

Advice Advice Goddess

Fasten Your Bible Belt

It’s Jesus’ birthday, but seeing as you guys aren’t that close, you figured he wouldn’t mind if you skipped it.

Legacy Archive

Supreme Court Lets Marriage Wins Stand

On Monday, Oct. 6, the Supreme Court denied review of five cases seeking the freedom to marry, leaving standing marriage victories in several federal circuits and opening the door to the freedom to marry in many more states, while deferring for another day the national resolution that Freedom to Marry, businesses, elected officials, and families across the country had urged now.


Flash Zooms Onto Screens

The fastest man alive is off and running, a crimson-and-lightning blur of wholesome superhero fun to balance out the dark the rest of the lineup has given us.


Review: "Gotham" Ep. 3

Another week gone by, another large step back for Gotham.