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President Clinton Rallies for Arkansas Dems

Former President Bill Clinton called for early voting and voter engagement as the keynote speaker at the Arkansas Democrat candidate rally held on campus at University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Tuesday, Oct. 7.


46 Is Only A Number

I’m happy to say that the belt is only slightly bigger than it was at 26. So, what have I learned in the past year?


Hog Town Haters Shaming Unnacceptable

Last week, someone published the names of the people who signed the petition to repeal Ordinance 119, the Civil Rights Ordinance that Fayetteville’s City Council had voted on the month before, onto a website.


Phantogram to Host Sold Out Show

Rolling into Fayetteville this Saturday complete with electro rock sound and serious hip-hop beats is Phantogram.


Numerous Surprises Make ‘Gone Girl’ Worth Seeing

Of all the books I’ve never read, I’m perhaps most glad to have avoided Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl.”

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What’s Up on the Buffalo? Rolling Out the Science

So, what is up on the Buffalo River? Many people in Arkansas are now aware that a 6500 head confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) for swine was granted a permit to operate in Mount Judea.