True Heroes Amidst Weary Humanity

We have a complex week beginning Wednesday the eighth with the full moon lunar eclipse. For three months prior and three months after, eclipses bring change to our lives. The lunar eclipse brings to a close something in our outer daily lives, its usefulness completed. We know what area of life will be affected when consulting our astrology charts. Wednesday’s eclipse, which overshadows Thursday, Friday and Saturday, is at 15 degrees Libra. Libra and Aries are especially influenced.

During this time we also have Mercury retrograding in Libra and a potent Venus/Pluto/Uranus T-square in the heavens. Venus is in Libra. It can signify our personal relationships, money and the world economy. Venus, combined with Pluto and Uranus brings forth urgent, surprising and transformative change. Let us watch the news for events. We already had the protests in Hong Kong demanding balance and stability in their future economy and government. The Forces of Darkness do not have this on their agenda and will do all they can to destabilize humanity’s unified wishes.

However, most of humanity, wearied of war, seeks to inaugurate a new era of harmony and cooperation. We must build the New Era Communities to bring this forth. The trend of human thinking and the heart is towards the cessation of conflict. This is an event of major importance and indicates an important turning point in human affairs. This trend is impulsed by a weariness of fighting wars, by recognizing the value in human accomplishment, and by a recognition that true greatness is expressed by those who see life itself, humanity, Earth’s kingdoms and the entire world as one united, interrelated, cooperative, harmonized whole. They seek to educate humanity in the Principles of Harmony, Goodwill and Right Relations. Those who struggle for this world perspective and unity are the true heroes. These are the New Group of World Servers (NGWS). Let us join in this endeavor together recognizing ourselves part of this world-serving group.

ARIES: Assess if there are any needs you and/or a partner have that are hiding away someplace, only coming to life when there’s deep conflict. This is a good question to ask in all relationships, but especially now and with loved ones. Are there legal situations you must tend to? Carefully make plans for implementation either now or next month. Closure is needed.

TAURUS: It’s time to teach others what you know. You’ve been hiding information until the right time, and soon you will need to shift, change and share. Soon, too, it will be time to leave your bunker. You cannot do what you’ve been doing alone for much longer. It’s not healthy. Do you ask others to help you? Ask what they need in return. This equality is important.

GEMINI: Is there difficulty with concentration, communication or making contact? Are there misunderstandings occurring? What do you value most in daily life? As expectations are placed upon you, explain you’re working slowly now as life has taken backward and sideways turns. You’ll be called to duties and tasks not quite to your liking – an exercise in sacrifice. Go slow. Call an old intelligent friend.

CANCER: You’re most likely tending to family. Are you sleeping enough? Your appetite may increase. Something slips into your life that makes you happier, creating a surging forth of determination and courage, along with

A new sense of creativity. You’ll be inspired about how and where you live. Prepare for a new life to appear. Slowly become more organized.

LEO: Should you feel you cannot possibly leave home, then remain there. Tend to personal issues, things domestic, like, organizing, ordering, cleaning and clearing with equal time for research. Contact previous friends far away. Is there a misunderstanding to be explained, care and tending to be offered? Is a move pending? An expanded self-identity is happening.

VIRGO: Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals, especially calcium/magnesium along with adequate nutrition. You may not have an appetite. Drink more vegetable juices then. Monetary situations continue to unfold. Ideas concerning what for you is Right Economy enter your mind and you ponder upon what is of value. Have you started your many journals yet? Now is the time for your Mercury retro journal.

LIBRA: Get your finances in order. Assess them carefully. Maybe you’ve been given incorrect financial information – this affects your emotions and health. Find the source of this, rely on your intuition, consult a professional for assistance, and don’t succumb to a situation or person that may hurt or confuse you. Something financial is hidden. You must bring it into the light of day.

SCORPIO: Suddenly your life assumes additional intensity of memories and you’re unable to hide it. To ease any discomfort concerning this subtle yet concentrated power, force and energy, maintain consistent exercise, and then double it. There’s new self-identity and strength emerging. Set your sights on new communications and new financial resources. You’re a gold mine.

SAGITTARIUS: The structure you’ve sought is finally transforming itself within your sphere of dedicated work. Discipline yourself in the right use of energy and time. Don’t waste these in emotional vicissitudes. Stay behind the scenes. Work on your own. Plan for future endeavors or do nothing at all. Don’t waste resources. New friends and groups of people will be searching for you. They bring balance and a resting place.

CAPRICORN: Don’t take on extra tasks or exhaustion will affect your immune system. You’re capable of holding the entire world on your shoulders, but soon this becomes too heavy and burdensome. Create a manifestation list with your hoped-for goals and priorities, forming a magnet of energy around you. Delays are normal. Don’t fret. Give others specific tasks to do. They need them.

AQUARIUS: You understand humanity’s needs and sorrows, and thus you bring forth new ideas that sustain them, bringing forth balance and harmony (and fun). You have tremendous energy and potential to bring into form hopes, dreams and aspirations. Travel helps you. Focus on specific goals. It’s an important time for financial planning. Make and maintain new needed contacts.

PISCES: Piscean teachers, travelers, publishers, writers, adventurers and religious leaders are busy with schedules, plans, travel (careful!), cultural and/or religious aims and endeavors – attempting to inject harmony, change and balance into humanity’s daily life. At times these agendas can feel isolated and isolating. You need new direction and hope. Safety and trust are important. You will meet new people soon. Observe everything in silence.

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