Libra’s Two Choices

Libra (our last week) is the sign of creating Right Relations & Values. In Libra we are asked to choose how to be, our identity, in the world. We can maintain a hermetic sealed-off attitude (my life, my work, my money, etc.) or we can gain knowledge of world events and learn more about those in need. Libra is a group sign – self with others. Here are some events occurring in our world this week concerning food, poverty, spirituality, values and global realities. The UN (a spiritual experiment) each month places a “light” upon world problems. This week a light shines on Rural Women, Farms, Food & Poverty. Before we choose to respond we must have knowledge. “So we can each do our part.” October 15- International Day of Rural Women (unrecognized with few resources); October 16-World Food Day & Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth; October 17-Eradication of Poverty Day (international).

During the month of Libra (with Saturn exalted), we pause, contemplate and assess what it is we know, don’t know, and need to know. Libra receives and distributes Ray 3 of Divine Intelligence, Right Relations, Right Choice & Right Economy (Venus). Using our intelligence “tips the Libran scales” in terms of being able to see and then choose between the two paths Libra offers (return to the past or step forward into Scorpio’s Discipleship). Libra (the oscillating light) prepares us for the great tests and conflicts in Scorpio. In Libra we are subtly tested as we learn the nature of polarized energies (s/he loves me, s/he loves me not). In Libra we learn more about ourselves through others. Libra’s Ray 3 asks us to become more adaptable and skillful. And then we are to teach each other what we know. In Libra, we all become teachers. In all these ways love is cultivated.

ARIES: Your skills would be completely embraced by all groups and you have the ability to completely transform others as you progress out into the world of humanity. There is an aura of concern, Right Relations, intelligence and love that can extend from you to others. It simply needs your awareness and a context/place wherein you can teach. You are of course the leader.

TAURUS: As you become more sensitive to personal matters of diet and health you realize you can teach others. This will be a great service to many for few understand the workings of the body (devic/angelic substance) and even less about right nutrition. You are the sign of the illumined mind. Therefore, think on humanity’s needs, how you can enlighten others, and what information you have learned. Remember, serve yourself first and then humanity.

GEMINI: It’s a gift to know how to play and have fun; understanding in life pleasure appears amidst suffering. It’s a skill to choose recreation during times of stress. It’s good to have a hobby. Knowing these things allows you freedom and an unusual leadership. Children especially love those who play which them. Play strengthens your heart and affection for everyone. Is your “playfulness” filled with ahimsa, loving-kindness?

CANCER: Gardening is an intrinsic skill you possess. You are the nurturer of new life, of the seeds of creation. In the womb of your awareness, things grow, green, bloom and flower. Tend to all those around you in this way from young ones to elders. Tend also to your environments – home, family and community. Each zodiac sign fosters a gift. Your sign (Cancer) is foundational to life itself.

LEO: It’s good to take long walks in your neighborhood, observing flora, fauna, animal and plant kingdoms, your neighbors, too, and watch the flow of traffic. It’s also good to make contact with family, friends and relatives, study your relationships with them, make amends, send forgiveness, nurture love. These activities display your intelligent heartfelt capacities to make contacts. Contact always releases Love and wisdom.

VIRGO: Your skills of orderliness and organization, detail and discrimination are needed by humanity these days. Many were not taught these abilities. The Virgo skills, talents and abilities are subtle yet highly effective, creating a sense of empowerment leading to success in daily living skills. It’s the Art of Living. Think on your skills. Mentor and radiate them toward humanity. We then begin to learn from you.

LIBRA: The Sun in Libra each year creates a refined new identity. New identities emerge when we learn new skills. Teaching others your gifts creates a powerful dynamic energy that can lead others forward into new ways to handle money and relationships. You help others establish Right Relations. Before the Aquarian teacher can reappear, humanity needs Goodwill and Right Relations which create the process of peace. You understand this.

SCORPIO: A crossroad (two paths) appears. You see yourself walking both paths. Then you remember the story of Arjuna and realize you must choose one path or the other very soon. Walking a middle path allows you to “see” and understand the polarities of the two paths. Each is an opportunity. Which is best for you to follow, which has value and leads you to more than a state of happiness (personality). Which leads you to service and joy (Soul path)?

SAGITTARIUS: Are you making unusual connections with others? Are you asking questions, curious about the new people you’re meeting? Are you offering a sense of closeness different than before? All social contacts contain an opportunity for radiating Right Human Relations. This creates a magnet in your life where hopes, wishes and visions begin to come true. Have kindness and benevolence as your goals.

CAPRICORN: The world may be honoring you in some form through how you present yourself (your work, service or how deeply responsible you are). Should someone begin to stand in your shadow or shift the deserving light away from you, stand in another sunbeam. Show others your compassion and understanding. Nothing you ever do goes unnoticed. You are a sunbeam.

AQUARIUS: It’s an excellent and magical time to create long-range plans and agendas, to contact future clients, to begin the process of movement needed for expansion, to ponder upon travel arrangements and above all to listen to what others have to say. In all planning do not argue, move slowly, tend to all communications. In this way the future flows into the present with right timing, direction and harmony.

PISCES: Show others that you have great abilities which are great resources. Pisces are often thoughts of as unable to tend to practical matters. However, you’re very able and practical. Your process is different that most. The important issues facing you now are money, resources, all things financial and domestic (a home). You want to be independent in all ways. Ask for help, freedom, independence and resources. The devas/angels listen.

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