In the Time of Leo – Our Creative Efforts

By Risa D’Angeles

In this potent time for planet Earth, when world leaders are downing planes and firing missiles, humanity stands poised on the edge of WW3. In this time of Leo as world leaders are being called to display true leadership (power, wisdom, love, intelligence) the New Group of World Servers are called to creatively visualize dialogue and open communication in order to bring about harmony from the present conflicts (Ray 4). Leo is the sign where the Forces of Light and Forces of Materialism meet. Leo is the lion of the zodiac, a fiery dramatic being, always creating in order to reflect self. Emerging from this creative effort is an awareness of gifts and talents that must be brought forth into the world.

Leo creative efforts lead to a new identification of self. Leo is about understanding who we are through what we create. Leo streams through the three levels of the Sun – core, heart, rays of the Sun, the force behind the creation of Earth. In this month of Leo, like the Sun, we are called to new creative efforts for ourselves, humanity and the world. Leo has the capacity to do this. For Leo is the “heart of all that matters”, the fiery impulse within each of us, the creative force which is the “Will-to-Good.” Will-to-Good creates Goodwill within humanity.

ARIES: Your task in the upcoming times is to creatively initiate the new World Era, fashioning communities that sustain large groups of like-minded people gathered together to follow the initiating steps you have created. You will then hand the tasks over to those who can build and maintain your ideas. You must understand the importance of this work. You are, on the Soul level, Mercury, Ray 4, Messenger of the Rainbow Bridge.

TAURUS: You research all that others have discovered for creating the new world. You refine, teach, mentor and essentially stabilize all that is to be new for humanity. You will know when to present these ideas to the larger world – after experimenting with them within your like-minded group. You are to sustain the new reality and prepare the many generations to come. You are Vulcan, Ray 1. The forger of lead into gold.

GEMINI: You are to gather the new information concerning sustainable principles for humanity, reflecting the Aquarian laws & principles. Humanity seeks them. With your gathering mind, mercurial, always curious, you first incorporate these principles into your life, later to write and distribute them. Summon patience, intelligence, scientific thought and love. You are Venus, Ray 5 – intelligent love uniting dualities.

CANCER: You nurture new ideas that create new thinking for humanity. You also tend, care for and nourish those on the front lines of the new civilization. Through you, the birth of a new culture comes forth. You are to open the gates to new impressions for a new world being birthed. The entire world is to be your family. You are Neptune, Ray 6, the trident, lifting the personality to the Soul.

LEO: You are to become even more creative with the new information seeking to come forth for humanity. It’s based in astrology, the Ageless Wisdom teachings. It seeks ways that uplift the kingdoms. Ruled by the Sun these are your kingdoms, too. You are the leader, the sustainer. You project magnetism from the heart of the Sun. You must lovingly offer your gifts to the group called humanity. You are the Sun, Ray 2. You are Love/Wisdom.

VIRGO: Gestating always within you is a new state of consciousness. After the needed personality experiences (developmental stages) have been perfected, you concentrate on understanding what the New Materiality is, organizing it into a structure understandable by humanity. The time for this is soon. Study how humanity is to be fed and cared for. You are Ceres. You are the moon hiding Vulcan, Ray 1. Forging the new world.

LIBRA: You are to bring forth justice, giving sight to the feminine, blindfolded and holding the scales. You will work with Gemini and Cancer energies creating new resources for humanity’s economic stability, needed after the old economic structures dissolve. You are to help humanity create relationships of care where none existed by establishing Right Human Relations. You are Uranus, Ray 7, the new rhythm, anchoring the new culture and civilization.

SCORPIO: Your task is to constantly pass the Nine Tests of Mars; to realize you’re in a constant cycle of life, death, regeneration, and transformation. You too must study the Ancient Wisdom (the foundation is astrology), preparing the Pathway of Light for the Coming World Teacher, understanding changes that will at first distress and then regenerate suffering humanity. You, a teacher for the upcoming transformations, are Mars, Ray 6, the hope of the future.

SAGITTARIUS: You are to “lead the way” by offering new goals to humanity, new prayers, moving us toward a sharing society, away from a society of individuals recreating their own wheels each day. You’re to study ancient philosophies readying yourself to be the professor for those seeking new ways of thinking. You are to bring order to the new world order seeking to manifest. First you need education in these things yourself. You are Ray 3, Earth’s Divine Intelligence.

CAPRICORN: Caps climb mountains. The Constitution of Man/Mind (esoteric map) is like a mountain, the biblical Jacob’s Ladder. Jacob saw angels climbing up (toward Spirit) and down (into matter). Humanity has been descending into matter for eighteen million years. The time has come to mount the ascending arc upward toward Spirit. You will teach humanity the appropriate shoes to climb mountain and reach for the Sun. Consider yourself a Unicorn (Ray 1).

AQUARIUS: Your tasks, future oriented yet for right here right now, are many. You’re to build a new space ship Earth. You are to build geodesic biodomes, environments to grow fish and vegetables. You are to create communities, sustainable templates for the future where humanity will live. You are to gather bicycles, alert everyone to changes in the coming times, offer yourself as everyone’s friend. You are Jupiter, Ray 2, love from the heart of the Sun.

PISCES: You are to build the temples where everyone relearns how to think, pray and meditate, places to study, locate the energies linking heaven to earth. You are to teach the little ones, the big ones, too, creating festivals bridging the Piscean and Aquarian Ages through the study of the rays, stars, planets and Sun. You are to work with Aquarius ‘til communities are built. You are to offer the Mantram of Direction to everyone. You are Pluto, Ray 1. The Leader.

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