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Family Friendly

Fayettechill to Host Lifestyle Festival

Local retailer Fayettechill has been a constant advocate for the outdoor/chill lifestyle, and on the weekend of Aug. 22-24, they will be taking it to the next level by hosting the End of Summer Daze lifestyle festival focusing on “all that’s chill in the Ozarks.”

Advice Risa's Astrology

A Year of Creative Self-Expression – Jupiter in Leo

Wednesday, after a year in Cancer’s nourishing waters, Jupiter enters fiery Leo. Tuesday (next week), the Sun, joining Jupiter, also enters Leo.

Making Ripples

Sustainable Populations

Oddly enough, we can accept raccoon or deer overpopulation much more easily than we can accept human overpopulation.


Local Jazz-Folk Duo to Release Debut Album

Experiencing a Handmade Moments show is kind of like enjoying a spoonful of political discourse wrapped in local organic bacon and deep fried in hemp oil — and it’s all silky.

Advice Advice Goddess

Pierre Pressure

In addition to his being an experienced 34 to your inexperienced 18, he’s also French. If there’s a French national sport, it’s probably seduction.

Family Friendly

Foreign Exchange Program Seeks Host Families

Ayusa International continues its annual search for families in Arkansas interested in hosting international students for the 2014-2015 school year.

Cover Story

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative Falls Short

After a harsh winter and lack of sponsorship and time, volunteers in support of getting a revised initiative of legalized medical marijuana in Arkansas on the November ballot failed to get enough signatures by the July 10 deadline to qualify for the November ballot.


Mysterious Ways

The devil may be in the detail, but the god is in eggplant.


The Changing Face of Entertainment

This summer marks one of the worst blockbuster explosions in recent times, but it’s become all too familiar a motif for movie-goers, whose summer-fare for years has consisted of huge budget superheroes or remakes, sequels and series.