Fayettechill to Host Lifestyle Festival

Fayettechill to Host Lifestyle Festival

EOSDFayettechill 2by Nick Brothers

Local retailer Fayettechill has been a constant advocate for the outdoor/chill lifestyle, and on the weekend of Aug. 22-24, they will be taking it to the next level by hosting the End of Summer Daze lifestyle festival focusing on “all that’s chill in the Ozarks.”

Located at Hazel Valley Ranch — 30 minutes (or half a CD) away and halfway between Fayetteville and Mulberry Mountain — End of Summer Daze (EOSD) was created out of love for the Ozark outdoor community. Hoping to create and share experiences for all that want to enjoy the Ozarks, they created the three day camping festival to make sure everyone has the chance to make the most out of their final summer days.

The purpose of the festival is to offer a convenient option to “leave it all on the table” for friends, families, and community organizations to enjoy the outdoors together as summer ends and fall rolls in. There will be live music, but the festival is first and foremost a place for attendees to be able to camp, hike, ride, explore, and play outside one last time before the responsibilities of school, work, and holidays come back into full swing.

The “Daze,” is all about investing your mindset into the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle and “bringing out your inner chill,” said Devin O’Dea, Fayettechill’s vice president for development.

“I want people to be able to enter the gates to the festival and have their problems from their lives and jobs melt away,” O’Dea said. “I want them to be able to believe in magic by the time it’s done. We’re all for a commonality about a shared experience.”

The Daze will offer up four main types of recreation and workshops, focusing on outdoor recreation and athletic events, holistic living and community, music and entertainment, and artistic stimulation. Each event in these categories will be created by the community, for the community and are included with the ticket price.

Some of the unique amenities that fest-goers can expect to see include: the middle fork of the White River, swimming holes, a fishing pond, a 20’ by 40’ hay barrel pool with Slip-n-Slide, a tent city that will feature local non-profit organizations focused on sustainability and outdoor recreation, organic food vendors, an ice cream truck, a rock climbing wall and Piggy Back transportation. More are being added every day, O’Dea said.

If you’re a greenhorn to some of the outdoor activities offered at the festival, but you’re interested in maybe trying some of the stuff out, O’Dea said they want to make the activities as accessible as possible.

“For every outdoor rec component, we want to offer the most easy — or chill — introductory component to that sport,” he said. “We want to give people the best chance to engage with the activities we value so we will make them as chill as possible.”

Tickets are on sale at fayettechill.com and at the Fayettechill Basecamp store located at 329 N. West Ave., in Fayetteville. Tickets are $65 for general admission and $100 for VIP, which allows access to the Hazel Ranch lodge amenities, such as air conditioned showers. There will only be 300 tickets sold to ensure quality and create an intimate vibe.

Fayettechill has assembled a coalition of businesses and non­profit organizations to help produce EOSD. The businesses are Hazel Valley Ranch, The Path Outfitters, Native Nectar and Beatnik Entertainment, which cover everything from outdoor sports and holistic living to the entertainment. Each of Fayettechill’s partnered non­profit organizations will be represented for interested individuals: Buffalo River Foundation, Ozark Offroad Cyclists, Arkansas Climbers Coalition, Trout Unlimited, Ozark Highland Trail Association, & REfresh will be represented via event tents as well.

“We’re all about following passions at Fayettechill,” said O’Dea. “We want to try and stimulate those with our resources here. Even if only four people show up to a workshop, that’s still four people who will feel an impact.”

For more information, check out the event’s facebook page at facebook.com/experiencethedaze.

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