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Thrifting USA: Thriftstores Inspire Secondhand Summer Styles

Thrifting is now one of the most common ways to shop and the most sought after way to express personal style. I have enjoyed thrifting for quite some years now, for multiple reasons.

Legacy Archive

We Need Nonviolent Counterterrorism Strategies

A relatively new group engaging in non-state political violence, ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, recently called for the creation of an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria and a continuation and strengthening of jihad during Ramadan.

Making Ripples

Safe, Sustainable Roadside Mowing

Land management is a lot like cooking.

Advice Advice Goddess

Is This Deceit Taken?

After a certain point — the French tactfully call it “un certain age” — a woman’s birthday tends to come but once every two or three years.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Scarab Solar Festival Full Moon

We continue to be under the influence of Cancer (Ray 3, sign of liberty and freedom). Cancer is the Gate through which Spirit enters Matter.


The Paradox of Discussing Body Image

It must suck to be a woman sometimes.


Strand of Oaks Album Visceral, Honest

The music on “HEAL” has an ability to put the listener exactly into the mindset of the song, whether it’s teenage angst, anger or vindication.


A Fruitless Pastime

Sometimes it’s hard to get away from your past.